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    Undo database change

    The solution from @KUBI worked for me! Thanks!
  2. DarthFurion

    Undo database change

    FYI, I got stuck on "Extract 'comp editor.fmf'" so I'll just wait (impatiently) for SI to update the editor ... but thanks anyway!
  3. DarthFurion

    Undo database change

    Same here! Still not working on v19.1.3-1163713
  4. DarthFurion

    Undo database change

    I have the same issue, and was just about to report it. The problem is with the NUMBER of changes. When you do about 3000+ changes, then you will see this blank screen. Look at the scroll bar on the right of the image, you will see it is very small because of the NUMBER of changes. To reproduce this; if you load the default editor/DB; and make about 3000+ changes to clubs (like changing 3000+ clubs `based nation` to something else to force over 3000 changes) then you will see the blank screen. It's not blank when you load the default DB, and even when I had about 1,500 changes I didn't see it, then I added another about 1,500 changes (3000 total changes or more).