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  1. I'm having a similar issue with a player demanding to be FK taker, I've set him as every kick taker and he's still not having it. I didn't do it immediately though so that might have something to do with it. I haven't got a save from before the promise though.
  2. Mark Mckee ST 7.71 AV R on loan from Mansfield has scored 25 in 24 games with 8 assists. Bradley Garton M(C) 7.68 AV R free transfer 2 goals in 20 games with 7 assists. Ryan Broom M/AM(R) 7.61 AV R on loan from Bristol Rovers 8 goals in 20 games with 10 assists.
  3. Glitch or not, this kid's taking Ajax to the title and European Cup double!
  4. I signed Berry on trial and he twisted his knee with his first ever challenge! Out for 6 weeks! Going to stick with Parslow / Rowe combination. The fans were annoyed when I signed Healey on loan but he's played pretty well in my preseason so far. I think the change from the beta was right. I had Burkart and Barlow from Man U as well as an Arsenal U23 player! Now I'm thinking of giving Morgan-Smith a chance after Parkin got injured.
  5. @beechy85 I'm on FM17. I forgot I signed him in 16, and assumed I'd signed him again since he was on the team. It's March of my third season not second, still topping League 1 but hit some patchy form. I just scraped a win over Rotherham with Connolly scoring an 84th minute free kick and moral has bounced. That and I've off-loaded a player who (ironically) had abysmal morale due to my allegedly not strengthening the squad (even after I got Nishan Burkat on loan who has a superb rating for the squad). Anyways he's gone and I've got a clear shot at the title so long as Connolly keeps playing! 14 goals and 15 assists so far
  6. As York City in the Conference I picked up Aidan Connolly (ML/R, AML/C/R) from Raith for free. Second season, now top of League 1 he's still my star player on the left wing of 4-1-2-3DM formation. His playing record speaks for itself: APPS GLS ASTS POM AV R 2018/19 26 9 9 5 7.34 2017/18 42 11 19 6 7.26 2016/17 43 14 20 6 7.33
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