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  1. Sounds similar to things that have been done before. And you know you won't commit to it, you'll get bored. Remember school starts in just over a week.
  2. There may be more players in the database in FM10 to compensate for this sort of thing, we'll just have to wait and see.
  3. Perhaps we need a "Not-too-big-but-not-too-small-just-right" challenge
  4. If you're looking at a full European picture, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Portugal, Holland are all definitely stronger than Scotland, and it could be argued that others such as Belgium, Romania etc are stronger too. Definite middle-of-the-road league. EDIT: I'm talking leagues, not national teams like I made it sound.
  5. I tend to enjoy managing in Scotland, and I find the 3rd and 2nd divisions really easy. Surprised you struggled in Division Two because its not that much better than Division Three imo, First Division is a step-up. My first FM09 save was with Annan, got them into the SPL but hit a brick wall - could not expand the stadium beyond the original 3k and could not get enough money to build a new one. Their stadium has the wrong capacity in the database though so I have an excuse!
  6. Using the unreliable search function, there have been a few half-hearted attempts at it in the past. Might see if I can do better.
  7. I'll have to scratch my brain about it. Maybe having to win one of the Junior Leagues with one club, then one of the Senior Leagues with another club before being allowed to apply for a Third Division job. Plenty of time to think anyway.
  8. There isn't in a few other leagues such as Holland and Australia, but they are part of challenges. I think you pick the team who either a) came bottom last season or b) are predicted to come bottom.
  9. Just a suggestion to the guys running the "Small Club to Big Club" challenges, none of them allows you to manage in Scotland, which I would imagine would be one of the most popular leagues to manage in (certainly I enjoy it). Hoping that someone can incorporate Scotland into one of their challenges for FM10
  10. There are actually 20-something state championships - if you load all 3 divisions in Brazil they will come up for you. This would give you a lot more flexibility with regions to use. That said, why not create a local competition for each area, and all the winners go through to a British and Irish final tournament? You will be able to do that on FM10, even make it exactly the same as the state champs if you want. In Brazil, teams below Serie B (or probably Serie C now since they've changed the format) use the championships to decide who qualifies for the Brazilian Cup.
  11. How many players from Jamaica are in the game if you load all players from Jamaica? That's probably the best way to see if that leagues would be viable without adding players manually.
  12. All this love for CM4, I remember the amount of chaos and moaning on the forum when it first came out, loads of people saying it was broken. Talk about rose tints Although I have to say it was my first CM/FM and I loved it at the time.
  13. Africa definitely needs sorting out, all the other continents are pretty well catered for. It would be a truly global game if Africa gets more leagues, particularly Egypt. North America could do with padding out too although we do have the two big leagues there. I don't think Oceania has any professional leagues or even any professional teams so there probably wouldn't be that much point in the short term. Extra British and Irish leagues are always welcome because there are hundreds of people on the forum who play LLM style or do dafuge's challenge, and people are always looking for a new challenge in their own country. Wales needs at least a second tier, the Scottish Senior Leagues seem to be in demand, and extra levels in England are always going to be welcome because they represent the ultimate challenge for some people. At the end of the day though, I think I'd be happy with just a couple of new leagues, anywhere. Its been a long time since any were added to the game.
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