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  1. I use Beowulf 4321 press with Ajax both home and away. Maybe sometimes in tougher games I play the DLP as a defensive instead of support, but otherwise no changes. Granted, Spain is a harder league than Holland but I still managed comfortable away wins at PSV and Feyenoord with this formation. Also won big games at Bayern, Man City in the CL without changing the tactic, so worth a try...
  2. Knap. Hi. First dip into FM19. I am playing Beowulf Press 4231 with Sevilla (a sub top side?) as my home formation and its unbeaten, but struggle to win away from home. Any ideas on an alternative? Thought about Beowulf Press 451? Or perhaps Pilgrimage 451? Want something that means I don't have to swap too many player roles around to keep consistency. My wide men also seem to score more than my forwards. Is that normal?
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