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  1. No question at all, I'll be buying it as I have done for many years. Of course it's not perfect. It's a game, a simulation, and FM is never going to be able to replicate the madness and variety of football, that's impossible. It does a bloody good job though, far better than anything that's ever tried to challenge it. And I really don't get this idea that each edition is just a data update with a few added superficial extras. The added features on FM20 for me really added to the depth and gameplay. 30 or 40 quid for a game that gives me literally hundreds if not thousands of hou
  2. Thanks so much to everyone involved for these updates, they're incredible. Given how much I use FM they are a genuine lifesaver! Cheers pr0.
  3. Lo Celso is a perfect DLP (S) for me, and I play Ndombele as a DLP (D), he's also excellent there. I've never managed to get Alli going at all really, I can't find the right position or role for him at all and usually end up selling him after two or three seasons. Sessegnon can develop into a good LB (he's fairly quick, which can improve, and speed seems to be more important than defensive attributes for a full back in FM). Really, he can back up both at LB and on the wing. Kane is another player I find it difficult to find the right role for - irl he's a complete forward but that do
  4. Is anyone else having trouble getting Dele to play well? I've tried him as a shadow striker and att mid (attacking) behind Kane as both DLF and adv f, but his form is generally poor.
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