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  1. Lollujo and workthespace and a few other creators have just uploaded their first youtube fm21 beta save thumbnails on twitter and captioning it "soon" . Might be a concidence though
  2. Does anyone else think there was too much grey area on the 2d view from the fm21 stream? The 2D view from 2013 was much better in my opinon. Hopefully they can change it to like something like that before release
  3. I was watching a very big fm youtuber who was talking about the features and was waffling on a bit and then said i guess we will have to see when the full game comes out on 7th of november and then carried on talking. And then later mentioned the beta coming out in the third week of october. They do say nobody knows when the release date is though so who knows if its true or not
  4. Hey dan, love your work! Just curious as to whether you will be adding hashtag united in the game as they are in eastern counties league at level 10 but arent in the database itself
  5. How come hashtag united isnt in the game or the editor? Considering they are a semi pro team and all the teams from the league they play in are in the game/editor? All of their players are in the editor too but umemployed
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