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  1. When you watch a friends online game it shows 2 completely lots of highlights.. e.g Liverpool vs Palace - his results when watching was 3-1 Liverpool keita sent off. My result as was the one in control was 4-0 no red cards. Bournemouth vs Man United My result 1-0 Bournemouth His result 1-0 Man United both had different highlights.
  2. Had same issue with online game mate, 1st game it showed my mate keita being sent off for my Liverpool team when he was viewing but it never happened in my game . 2nd game I was watching his United game, Bournemouth went 1-0 up on my screen showed me the highlight and everything but was still 0-0 on his.. he ended up winning 1-0
  3. Online game, watching my friends game.. my screen shows a clear highlight of Bournemouth scoring... friend ends up winning 1-0. Game previous showed my keita being sent off.. But he never and went on to score 2.
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