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  1. mmfaria

    9.3.0 Coach Formula

    You probably don't have Microsoft Office (that includes Excel) installed You need MS Excel to open this spreadsheet :S
  2. mmfaria

    9.3.0 Coach Formula

    I also have vista, so it can't be it. Really got me confused now
  3. mmfaria

    9.3.0 Coach Formula

    You sure you have MS excel installed, right? I know lots of people who downloaded it and it's working just fine What error message are you getting?
  4. mmfaria

    9.3.0 Coach Formula

    The Rebel MC, I just uploaded a full translated version, so you probably won't have problems anymore. New download links: http://rapidshare.de/files/45775522/Training.xls.html http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WHIHYH41 http://www.easy-share.com/1903861365/Training.xls
  5. mmfaria

    9.3.0 Coach Formula

    hmm Wait like 5 minutes. I'll translate it here and upload an english version I made it with Excel 2007, but with compatibility mode for excel 2003 (most people use this version). brb.
  6. mmfaria

    9.3.0 Coach Formula

    Guys, I developed an Excel sheet where you can put the coach's attributes and it returns how many stars he is at every trainning category. Here're the links to download: Download Rapidshare Download Megaupload Download Easyshare Download Bandongo I'm not quiet sure if I can post it here (but I can't see why not ), so if it is somehow agains the rules, fell free to delete my post
  7. With a dedicated server: maybe With a single computer hosting: no way! I sometimes host games for 3, 4, 5 ppl and it only get slower and slower. Hosting for 6 ppl the other day it took like 5, 6 second between you clik a player's name and the game show his profile.
  8. mmfaria

    Activation check

    I had no problems with activation. I bought my game from Steam and it was automatically activated. I just wanted to know if both os my brothers were playing my game when I wasn't looking. And guess what? They are! LOL They always say the don't like it anymore (we used to play toguether since early CM days, but not anymore), but I practcally beg for them to give FM09 a chance. Seems like now I can play online with them again
  9. mmfaria

    Activation check

    That's exactly it! Thanks a lot, mate!
  10. Hi! How can I check how many of my 5 simultaneous activations I have left? I remmember there was a link somewhere here for softanchorinsight, but can't find it (I only find the one to check my key for the O's ans 0's). Thanks!
  11. Where's the url wuere you can find how many activations you have left? It was in a sticky somewhere, but I can't find it... I know you can have 5 simultaneous activation and I wanted to know many I have (not sure if it's installed in 3 or 4 pcs...) Thanks.
  12. mmfaria

    Can I upload a language?

    Thanks for the info, mate. I don't quiet agree with this point of view from Miles (althought he has a reason to say that). It's because I live in brazil (where the game isn't officialy released). We have to import the game or buy if from Steam. I bought if from steam this year (and I'm happy to play it in english. i always did and I don't like the translation to portuguese. mainly because it's for PT-Portugal, what is quiet different). But lots of people import it from british online shops (like sendit.com or cdwow.com) and the PT language is not included and not everybody understands english... But rules are rules and I'm not questioning Thanks, mate! It helps a lot, actually. I hope it's true, so people in my forum can stop all the moaning... LOL
  13. mmfaria

    Can I upload a language?

    I know it's wrong, but you give me no choice beside keep bumping the topic...