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  1. You probably don't have Microsoft Office (that includes Excel) installed You need MS Excel to open this spreadsheet :S
  2. I also have vista, so it can't be it. Really got me confused now
  3. You sure you have MS excel installed, right? I know lots of people who downloaded it and it's working just fine What error message are you getting?
  4. The Rebel MC, I just uploaded a full translated version, so you probably won't have problems anymore. New download links: http://rapidshare.de/files/45775522/Training.xls.html http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WHIHYH41 http://www.easy-share.com/1903861365/Training.xls
  5. hmm Wait like 5 minutes. I'll translate it here and upload an english version I made it with Excel 2007, but with compatibility mode for excel 2003 (most people use this version). brb.
  6. Guys, I developed an Excel sheet where you can put the coach's attributes and it returns how many stars he is at every trainning category. Here're the links to download: Download Rapidshare Download Megaupload Download Easyshare Download Bandongo I'm not quiet sure if I can post it here (but I can't see why not ), so if it is somehow agains the rules, fell free to delete my post
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