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  1. This happens a lot when you watch ten year old kids playing because the difference in quality is massive at that age. Then you get the "Maradonna" goals
  2. I love it when my players demands to be transfered on the last day of january and they wont accept to wait for the next transfer window.
  3. I must consider myself very lucky since im still in love with fm12. I have put fm13 on the shelf, but it will be back as soon as SI have made the ME a bit more watchable. I see a lot of potential in this years edition as the players look more like humans than ever before, but like others have said they dont look very involved Keep up the good work SI.
  4. Why dont you just use the real players, retire and then let the game just run for 20 or so seasons then all of todays player are replaced with new ones.
  5. I must say that its a LOT better with a few too many goals than the other way around.
  6. Next time around they need to focus on imroving the sound, its been the same for years, and for fm12 there was never a soundpack available to download. I cant even here a sound when the ball hits the post. How hard can that be?
  7. I have just gotten promoted to the premier leauge with everton and its been 57 years since they played at the highest level. And i would love to see the fans with banners/poster saying "57 years"
  8. First i let the game run for 15+ years so all of todays players are gone, then hopefully there will be a bigger club that has dropped down to the blue square. Then its time for me to step in
  9. Agree with Damaja. You should not be able to jump from top club to top club if you cant get any sucess anywhere.
  10. Looks like that. Hope they improve it next year. I added a soundpack for FM11 and it was so great to hear the fans actually sing
  11. I can understand youre worries jim, but ask yourself how deep and complex you want the game to become. We all know SI has added a bit more complexity to the game every year, so where does it end? When you need a degree in all different areas to play it? When we get to that point there isnt any more FM at all so SI havent got any option if they still wants to sell this product in the future. All you really can hope for is that FM makes more money, hires more people and you might get an even better FM without any shortcuts.
  12. Its all about the atmosphere. You dont watch a movie without sound. Kind of sad to play a footballgame without the crowd. Btw who cares about the commentary if you still dont use the 2D mode.
  13. My sons football trainer was in ajax to learn from their youth development and he asked one of their coaches. What do you look for in a young and promising player? And he replied, pace, pace and then pace, everything else you can learn.
  14. I took over everton in leauge 1 and brought them back to the championship. I had a very good season and lost 2-0 in play off final. The second season got a lot tougher and i finally got tired of staff and players complaining so i resigned. I really did regret this and neither did i get the other job i replied for. When Everton sacked there next manager the season after i replied for the job but did not get it. This did repeat it self the next season and this time they wanted me back exactly two years after i left. Btw i have everton written down as my favourite team.
  15. I quess we are not that different after all then Im in 2084 in my one and only fm12 save game and the only thing i can show for is winning the league cup with q.p.r. once so not much to show off there. Sure you will ask what is so special about being in 2084, well i have created a LOT of history and its all the history making i love the most about this game. When you sit there and look back a lot of clubs, players and managers have come and gone.
  16. So you are happy with playing 4 or 5 seasons before you bye the next FM? In my opinion that makes the game pointless since you will never see the players of tomorrow and youre save game will never be unique.
  17. I am and ive played this game since cm1. At least i will give it a try. For me this game is about making youre own history of winners and losers and not about the players of today. In that sence time is an important factor and when you only have a couple of hours to play this game every night you want to progress.
  18. First yes i tried to search for this, but nothing came up. Have anyone heard or read anything about SI imroving the match engine sound? On FM12 there was never released any soundpack and the original ingame sound from SI is a bit repetitive and gets boring in the long run. In my FM12 game there is not even a sound when the ball hits the post.
  19. Im in the 2080s and the only teams that have won the premier is Man U, Man C, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Newcastle.
  20. In my game Barnsley was taken over by tycoon when they were playing in 2nd div, they did get to premier leauge and i think 6th place was the highest they got. The Tycoon stayed there for 10 years and now 20 years after he left, Barnsley is back in 2nd div. QPR with their stadium capasity of 19200 (Loftus Road) has got the highest salary payments in the premier, well over a 100 millions. Guess they will be having a hard time the day their tycoon leave.
  21. Looks like im going to need a few days extra off in christmas.
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