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  1. Oi oi. In the pre-match briefing when you go to select an instruction (say high line of engagement) the drop down menu gives you lots of other instructions to choose from. In FM it was like for like, just the option that you selected. The same is true for opposition instructions except that it gives you multiple instructions for players that you haven't even set! Wotz that abaout? More generally, does talking through pre-match instructions to players ever make a difference? I do it but not sure if there is any point as long as you have already set them. Thanx
  2. My guess would be that opposition players with Premier League skill find it easy operate in between your static lines. Think about someone like James Madison or Ozil (ok not him) sitting between your back 4 and midfield 4 and causing havoc. Who picks them up? Do midfield drop back and concede space or to defence push up and allow passes to be sprayed around? That's the reason why 4-4-2 has gone out of fashion in real life. If was you I'd switch the midfield 4 to a diamond. A dedicated DM will stop what I describe above and an attacking midfielder will make it difficult for the opposition.
  3. Thanks all. They do sometimes come out but more often just stay rooted on their lines. I guess it's down to stats. I watch matches on Comprehensive which provides a good enough overview beyond the usual highlights.
  4. Hi gang Why do goalkeepers never rush out and deal with balls over the top, even as sweeper keepers? I set my keepers as sweeper keeper attack and they don't go further than the six yard box! They just wait for the striker to virtually walk the ball in. Wagwan?
  5. Go into GeForce and select optimize - or select revert instead. I do this everytime I play and it sorts out the lag.
  6. muito prazer em ajudar meu amigo. graças ao google translate, entendi o que você estava dizendo em portugeuse. Muitas felicidades
  7. if you say so but I am now running on very high settings and it's brilliant. someone was asking and that's what's worked for me.
  8. for the guy who was asking ,where the optimise button is in this screen there was a revert button before. I hit it and it improved the game by un optimising it. we shouldn't have to do stuff like this but whatever works I guess.
  9. My one is pretty accurate except for some reason one side of my face has been caved in like I've taken a right hook from Deontay Wilder.
  10. It was somewhere on the main GE Force Experience screen. The game is automatically set to optimised (which always worked well in FM19) but as we know FM20 has problems. I ticked the revert button (not sure what it is reverting to exactly) and it's made a big difference.
  11. A fix I have found is to go on Geforce experience and hit revert. It means the game is not optimized but it runs much better and is actually watchable.
  12. Game was working really well on my desktop but on laptop (which has higher spec) it's only running 30fps and looks terrible? @Neil Brock What to do?
  13. Ok thanks. I'll save to the cloud again (on a new save) and see if it's working. Don't think it's anti virus as I have a different one on different machines but will fiddle with it.
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