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  1. Yeah for some reason in one update this feature was just removed. You can see in this post people have been mentioning this problem for at least the last month and still no fix yet.
  2. Im the first season with Chelsea and Willians contract expires at the end of the first season. Want to give him a new contract and have to obey the annoying rule of 'maximum one-year contracts for players over the age of 30'. However because of the way it works I can only offer 6 months, meaning no actual extension. So I include the option for the club to extend so I can extend his contact to an 18 month long one. However when attempting to activate the extension there is no option and I am most likely going to lose him for free.
  3. Oh sorry I never knew that was how they worked, learn something new every day. They are in the Europa Conference. Thanks.
  4. This player has a £26,500,000 release clause to 'Clubs in a Continental Competition' however despite my club being in the Champions League I am unable to activate the release clause. It is never mentioned on the left when making an offer.
  5. Is there any chance of the old path coming back? I don't really understand why it was removed. It was very convenient to go Staff -> UXX Staff and then just be able to view all the different sub teams of staff individually.
  6. This is what I was looking for aswell, I spend a decent amount of time on the tabs for the youth team. But now they can't be viewed at all so it is kind of awkward to see an overview of your youth coaches/recuitment/medical teams.
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