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  1. Hi, I have just started with FGR but i can't play my first game because League 2 rules state you need at least one HGC player, but no players have HGC status and I can't fix this? What can I do, surely this renders FGR unplayable?
  2. I have just opted in and downloaded the update. The problem still persists. I must admit having spent £35 im finding this hugely disappointing and pretty frustrating! Will i ever be able to play? If not can i have my money back?
  3. Hi, I have a game that crashes on the same day over and over again. I get to February 19th and the processing screen freezes, the game stops completely and will not close until I use task manager, in two cases the whole PC has crashed. I restart the game, same again. I have deleted preferences, cache and verified files on steam, same again. I am running the game on a HP Pavillion core i5. I am using downloaded files, such as the logo megapack and premier league kit pack. I play as aston villa. I dont have a crash dump because it hasnt been created, or at least i cant find it. I uploaded the game file to the cloud with name new jord.fm Please help me! I dont want to lose this game.
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