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  1. I was trying to be positive, but I was just writing a response earlier that pretty much said...I'm sorry I made this purchase. The game is great and has fantastic potential, but the gameplay really deters me from playing...so it just sits there a lot of the time. I almost wish a refund were possible until things were fixed. I also wish SI communicated more effectively because that might make issues more tolerable. They instead roll out ME's without communicating with the public beta group of, "don't worry - we hear you and we're working on it". Instead we're left to wonder if these issues are able to be fixed or if they will ever be fixed...AND if they can be fixed, are we waiting another 3-4 months for the key adjustments? Which again, just brings me to the fact that I can't believe I spent money on a product whose polished version won't be released until 6-7 months after it's initial release.
  2. @Vali184Actually, upon further clarification...the build id's are the same. It says a day ago the public beta was released as 3372826 and then again released today as regular update. I've been playing the 3372826 since they released it yesterday and although I didn't conduct any thorough analysis, it seems to be the same gameplay that came out with the initial ME adjustments.
  3. This is actually really helpful and I didn't even know this page existed! Thanks so much for the insight.
  4. @Vali184 Where is the build ID that you think they're different? Not being condescending, but I'm unsure where you're looking since beta players (including myself) have been playing 19.2 for probably a little over a week now? So maybe i'm looking in the wrong spot?
  5. I too was hoping this delay between beta releases was a sign they were perfecting the current ME, or at the very least making key adjustments, before the final rollout. I made the last comment on the beta forum seeking clarification and they closed the board and released the same unbalanced ME we've been playing for weeks as members of the beta. A little communication of, "we're releasing it as is to reach out to a wider audience, but are continuing to work on the issues every day" would've sufficed. I don't really know what to think of this experience with SI. I was trying to be positive and reassure myself and others that they're working hard, communicating, etc. I'm not sure it's coming across that way anymore though...I hope they further communicate what's going on with the ME considering most seem dissatisfied and they quickly released the testing version with no clarification on the matter.
  6. It seems ever since the heavy criticism and judgement, this board has gotten very quite from the SI team. Maybe rightfully so because they were trying to keep us in the loop and all a lot of us did was tear them apart. But...if they do see this, then I was wondering if we could have an update on the game's current situation? We were receiving consistent updates on the beta to test out and then it just stopped as the criticism increased. Related? Will we be seeing a beta update to test in the next few days?
  7. Hi all, I was happy to see the issue of the game not pulling the correct statistics in the shortlist screen has been resolved. However, in the latest public beta, there's a new statistical issue. I started a game as a MLS team and it's not registering minutes played for players, therefore int/90, sht/90, any game and per 90 stats are not showing up. I'll include a photo for reference. As you can see, there are plenty of appearances that make up more than 90 minutes of gameplay, but each player has - under minutes and therefore the data linked to /90 stats can't be pulled. Let me know if you have any additional questions or need anything else. NOTE: I believe this only applies to MLS. I haven't seen this statistical issue in other leagues I play.
  8. I’m convinced you’re not really understanding this portion of the game nor are you taking the time to read everyone’s responses. As it was was pointed out MULTIPLE times above, this section of the screen merely selects your best and worst performers. All that screen tells us is that the GK performed better in this particular match compared to all the other players on your team who played. Why is that so challenging for you to understand? I’m not trying to be condescending, but it’s not player of the match and there’s no nomination. It’s statistics and performance. That’s it. Can you post a screenshot of the rest of your teams statistics and ratings from that game?
  9. Maybe I misunderstood this feature. I was sacked from a team, created another coach, took over that same team and when I went to look at the scouted players I had previously seen, they were all gone even when the scouts are the same ones.
  10. I like when people find players overlooked based on statistical analysis...then buy them for cheap and they do well on their own team. Rather than focusing on purchasing expensive, well-known players and losing money because their performances are only average-slightly above average. That's why I thought you had looked at statistics prior to selecting the striker and got excited! although your method isn't bad either...I just thought you had meant you analyzed statistics of various strikers before settling on that one and now he's performing better than high paid strikers.
  11. @Xeewaj Q. I think you’re misunderstanding what I meant. If you save people to shortlist on FM 19 and set it up so you can see their detailed stats, they’re wrong. The dribbles per game for some people are at 9, which is obviously incorrect. Ive already reported it as a bug and it’s noted, but I’m guessing you didn’t notice? Or how did you go about conducting your research to settle on a striker?
  12. Fantastic research! It's for these reasons that I'm a little peeved the shortlist stats haven't been updated so I can compare potential purchases against one another. Have you found a way around that?
  13. That's an interesting thing to say...what's different from the full game vs the beta? I thought they were identical?
  14. So, I had just reread the question and realized that while I answered it still exists, I failed to tell you where it does. This option, at least in FM19, exists under the shortlisted players and as far as I have found, ONLY exists for Shortlisted players. Once a player is on the shortlist, go to the shortlist (found in Scouting) and in the top right hand corner there's a box to check that states "Keep Scout Reports Up to Date" (something like that). You'll want to check that box and then every 3 months you'll get an updated report for every player on your shortlist.
  15. The scout report date is updated, both in FM 18 and FM 19 (I've tested this in Beta and it updates with each new report every 3 months). Scouting costs...yes, unfortunately the scouting costs do come with it every 3 months when the report is updated, so it's up to the user to either manually update the ones they really care for and control the expenses, or to use it for everyone on the shortlist and risk the expenses that come with all the shortlisted players.
  16. I actually know this as I had done research on this matter for last year's Football Manager. It will keep your shortlisted players updated every 3 months. So for example, if you scout someone in July, then that same scout (or another if he's gone) will conduct a scout report in October (3 mos. later).
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