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  1. Looks to be fixed with a recent update, thanks! For the benefit of other users, I didn't require a reinstall of the resource archiver. It'd be good if someone else here can confirm the fix so the mods know to close this thread.
  2. Hi. When I start the FM19 Resource Archiver I just get a black screen. I can move the cursor, which changes appearance over what I assume are buttons on the right side, but there's no functionality. This is a fresh install of the Resource Archiver which I have never installed or tried to use before today. I've seen suggestions to try deleting the "Caches" and "Preferences" folders from "This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Users > ~My Name~ > AppData > Local > Sports Interactive > Resource Archiver 2019", but this has no effect. It appears @the_postie is having the same issue, and others seem to be having the same sort of issue with editor utilities:
  3. I've just had almost this exact same problem. I'm playing a "journeyman" save where I move clubs quite frequently. I'd worked my way up from Leyton Orient to FC Porto, and I get to mid May 2024 at the end of a very successful season when the Bayern Munich job becomes available. I now have the managerial reputation to stand a chance, so I apply. I go through the interview and, just like @SazoJohnno, I choose the option to take over at the end of the season as I've still got the Europa League and Portuguese Cup finals still to play with Porto. I play those games and get the contract offer from Bayern, but instead of starting at the end of the season (...say late June or early July 2024) it starts in mid May 2025. There is no way for me to adjust this. Accepting means the FC Porto board will remove a bunch of my managerial powers such as control of player and staff transfers. Rejecting the contract will probably totally ruin my chances of the job. It's a disaster.
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