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  1. Had the same problems and have tried everything, from different mentalities, lower block, high pressing, different roles. The game feels so random, I easily outperform big clubs I can even have more possession against them but it is so hard to watch games against defensive teams when they start hiding the ball and dominate possession, there's simply not much you can do. I win in most cases but scoring after 20th corner or yet another cross is just not fun. After reading what other people here say and I agree, I decided to quit playing until the next patch. It's just not fun easily outplaying big clubs and watching how every cross and shot gets blocked against teams that play defensive against you,
  2. I should have waited for demo to test the game and will never do the same mistake again. Had huge expectations about this game but I can't believe such downgrade is possible after two years. I hope SI put update out soon because this just makes no sense. There is no excitement and joy, I'm drawing games I should be winning and winning against big teams. It looks impossible for my forwards to score and most of the goals come after cross or set pices. I have two tactics which are opposite but they looks and feel the same. Players are making horrible decisions both in attack and defense, things that I didn't notice on last FM. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but I feel disapointed and have quit playing the game. I'm waiting for update and hopefully it can fix the game I love.
  3. I'm not having fun playing this game so many things feel wrong. At the same time there's clearly lots of potential in this ME but it's not polished. Don't get me wrong I know it's not easy to fix everything but it feels like so many obvious things skipped testing, there were some really good parts of old MEs which are missing now. Crossing thing got even worse than it was on 17 ME. There was really nice one touch pass and move football around penalty area, which you couldn't achieve against bigger teams. Why is that gone? Also it was a lot harder to beat best teams in league, now it's easier to win against City than Fulham. Maybe I'm still in 17 but role selection looks strange and all teams use same roles in given formation. Again tactical AI doesn't look like being improved.
  4. I've been playing this game since CM days, usually I don't buy it in beta I guess I was too excited about new tactics and AI changes. This is the first time I feel so disapointed and sad actually with the game, since it's the only computor game I play. I'm winning all my games with West Ham just hitting continue button. I managed to beat Chelsea 6-0. Also why are all goals scored after crossing or set pieces/corners? Can I expect this to improve with full release?
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