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  1. I've used the editor to remove almost every player from the database. I wanted to try a different challenge with completely random players with attribute masking on & only be able to sign players from scout reports. I'm managing Chelsea so release clause aren't usually something that's asked for from a player/agent however I'd say around half are demanding it during contract negotiations. Is there something in the editor I can do to change this or is it just something I'm going to have to deal with?
  2. Anyone else got a save going with Lyon? Never usually stray from the English leagues in FM but this year I wanted to do something different. Currently half way through the first season and it's going a lot better than expected; 1st in the league having only conceded 9 goals & topping the CL group stage unbeaten with Man City in the group. Aim was to break PSG's dominance in the league and win the CL within 3 seasons but with the league form and results against Man City in the CL I think both of these can be done in the first season!
  3. I can't seem to target crossing, heading or tackling in individual training?
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