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  1. I guess I'm expecting something like 7 or 8 out of 9. Because I used to have Fabinho to take them and he had 100% record for 3 season in a row (3 pens, 4 pens, 4 pens). He only have 18 for penalty attribute.
  2. My player have 20 penalty taking attribute but he only score 5 from 9 penalties so far this season. Is this just coincidence or bug?
  3. Yeah, I'm only guessing it's about reputation. I know some club offer bigger wage, but is it realistic that every transfer windows some key players want to move because of money?
  4. I had a similar topic before. Still struggling to understand how the reputation rating work. I upload another case of my player wanting to leave during January transfer windows. Of course I didn't allow it to happen. Then my team beat PSG in quarter final Champion League. And their player has urged my player to join them to enhace his career. I just found this really funny.. For Information, I've won the last three Champion League in a row.
  5. I also thought it about higher wages, that's why I tried to ask him what is it going to take to keep you here. But his answer is nothing. He just want to move. Lol
  6. I just wondering why would a key player from top reputation club wants to leave without a logical reason after won a league title and champions league.
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