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  1. In this ME isnt viable a high possesion and wide 451 or 4141??
  2. In your opinion which is your best 451 or 4321 for a top team?
  3. knap whats the diference between bluematter4321 allcups and time 4321allcups??i mean is anyone more underdog or with higher possesion?
  4. 4420 absolutely insane as valencia!!!! It is time to try a 41410 knap..
  5. Is my idea or somewere i saw a 111p tactic from you?
  6. knap in third season with newcastle i am using beowulf 4231 and beowulf 451...very good roster and results!!do we have a get o goal 424 beowulf tactic for the last half hour of games??
  7. i think this is guardiola style!!knap have you tried this with inverted wing backs?
  8. Is this better than argus tactics??
  9. What is your best formation right now without corner and throw in set up??
  10. in my opinion these two argus tactics(451 and 41131) are the best right now at overall!!
  11. Is time 4411 stil playable??and from top to undergog whats the place of beowulf 451 andvdarkside 451? Thank you very much for your work and happy new year!
  12. With darkside 451 my fiete arp have 1 goal per game! First season newcastle
  13. Knap this for home and darkside positive away for a mid table team?