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  1. Since new update I have had a ridiculous amount of injuries. In about 2 months of game time I have had 13 players get injuries lasting more than 2 weeks, some games I get 3 or 4 injuries. A huge change from prior to the update.
  2. Love your tactics and they are working really well for me. The thing is the corners. I seem to always take short corners and they don't seem to work too well. Is this what is supposed to be happening?
  3. I agree with all of the above- I have gone back to FM20 until a patch comes that fixes some of these issues. Doesn't matter how I set up for my wingers they still wont cross the ball! Then my strikers find new and interesting ways of not scoring until all of a sudden they finish in style only for it to be ruled out for offside. Not even mentioning defenders who just stop running! You just want it to be more like real life- if you have a great striker and he gets 10 chances he generally scores 5 of them, mine gets that many in one game and doesn't even come close.
  4. Into third season and still no re gens or youth intake!
  5. Same issue no youth intake after 2 seasons
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