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  1. I have decided to become the new manager of Argentinian club "Club Atlético All Boys' (or 'All Boys' for short). View profile. Having never managed in Argentina before, it's going to be fun learning the league structure. I'd like to confirm that the Argentine reset date is 15 July 2019. Anyway, back to introducing my new club. They appear to be a sleeping giant. As recently as 2011/12, they finished 5th in the Argentine Superliga. This is no mean feat as there are plenty good teams in the top tier. The most notable player to have played for this famous club was Carlos Tevez at the start of his career in Argentina. My new club has decent facilities to start with which is nice. We also have plenty of decent prospects in the Reserves and U20 teams. Maximiliano Salas is my best player who will hopefully have a solid career with me before inevitably moving onto bigger things.
  2. Is it possible to do this Challenge in FM Touch? Or does it need to be the full version of the game?
  3. 2019/20 - Lancaster City - Mr Guillermo As I mentioned in my previous post, I am terrible with tactics on FM and that showed in my first season at Lancaster City, where we survived relegation on the final day of the season by the skin of our teeth. Thankfully, there were 3 teams worse than us in the league. View final league table. We were on our way to relegation until I changed tactics in the last few games, deciding to go for a more positive 4-4-2 formation. I was struggling for goals in my counter 4-4-2 (which was also leaking goals) so I felt I really needed to go for it. You can see that my squad played below average for most of the season. I have a lot of strengthening to do in the summer. View squad. The man who saved my season is young striker Florian Yonsian. Without his goals, we would've finished dead last. Thankfully he has signed a new deal until next summer. View Florian Yonsian's profile. Despite this being a highly infuriating save at times, I'm having a lot of fun and it's a huge challenge for someone not so good at FM like myself. I think next season will be about avoiding relegation again.
  4. Trying this challenge for the first time. Starting as Lancaster City, to be managed by Mr Guillermo. My profile. I appear to have a ridiculous amount of Central Midfielders compared to the depth in other areas of my squad. I'm happy to see that I have a squad with generally high levels of natural fitness and decision making. I am terrible with tactics on Football Manager so let's see how I do on this save! Trying to survive in the job until Christmas is the aim...
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