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  1. I have tried everything i saw for possible solutions and still the game slutters. I dont think that is nvidias fault anymore.SI seems to dont have an idea on how to fix this thing . I bought the game on beta still i have not managed to play . Really disappointing, i regret buying the game .
  2. i tried everything ! even the nvidia inspector settings! but still the game doesnt perform the way it should . This year IAM really disappointed and i regret paying to get the game.
  3. i have the same problem . i did what @dansh1989 suggested but still doesnt seem to work.
  4. During matches the game is lagging and doesnt perform the way it should .its like missing some frames . I had the same issues with beta . i waited and i thought the full version would be fixed . My specs for the game are good and my graphics are set to high. When i set the graphics at medium the lag is still there but not that horrible but still frustrating . i tried -disable_threading_optimisations and didint fix anything. i also updated my graphic card but the problem is still here. Iam really disappointed this year. What else can i do? DxDiag.txt
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