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  1. Vale have a capacity of almost 24,000 in League Two. Darlington are another one, 25,000 in the Conference.
  2. Anyone got any further in figuring the scout/coach report issue?
  3. That particular panel is completely different to last year so the old file I used hasn't worked. Can't seem to find a panel called "player scout reports" or any variation of. It's a shame because I can't start playing the game until I get rid of this panel.
  4. Erimus getting it done again. Excellent work mate. Is it possible to sort out the recommendation stars on the scouting panels? I'm trying to remove potential/current ability and just rely on the rest of the info in the widget. Also, that report bottom left of your first screenshot isn't needed.
  5. This feature is actually a huge let down from SI. They've done nothing which you couldn't already do before. I thought you could turn off the attributes completely as in completely remove them from every screen, not simply turn them into graphs. I'm tired of digging around in the .xml files of skins to turn them off manually. Major pain. Come on SI, please get it done in some sort of patch.
  6. SI do all their own modelling which is probably why we are seeing a lack of major improvement year after year. What would be the harm in hiring an outside 3D company to create new celebrations, player movement, crowds, stadiums and everything else. That way SI could just concentrate on developing the gameplay. Stick to your strengths and all that. Considering the lack of features added this year there is no reason why SI couldn't of spent more time on the match engine in-house. I still prefer the 2D blobs than watching it in 3D which is quite worrying considering the 3D overhaul is almost 4 years old.
  7. Does it remove attributes from other panels or just a player's profile?
  8. Seen it mentioned on here but I need clarification. If so, this is the greatest feature from SI in recent years.
  9. Publius: Where do you find all of your information from buddy?
  10. I've been to Lincoln and I agree with this.
  11. FM always brings out the worst of me. It's different for me when I play online games on the Xbox, the fact that you can usually respawn instantly kind of takes the anger down a notch and you just carry on. But in FM, the fact that you develop tactics, buy players, pick teams to win and put so much more into the game makes it hurt more when you lose. The second best 'moment of shame' for me after the chair thing is smashing a keyboard against a wall during a loss to my brother on a network game.
  12. I was in my downstairs study at the time and it was a glorious day so I had the front windows open. It was lucky they were open all else I would of threw the chair through them tbh. I deleted FM straight afterwards and then installed it a week later. I was still annoyed 3 days later haha. I think I need FM anonymous.
  13. I think this thread is perfect for this classic: I'm not quite this bad but I feel his pain.
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