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  1. Any Barnsley fans? Congrats, you've got Lee Collins for pittance. Was on fire last season, been a bit hit and miss this. Still good to see the lad finally hit his level.
  2. Joey Barton is a complete fool. He has an opinion on everything. **** him off Twitter.
  3. No images load up? Seems a silly question but are you reloading the skin when you add them? Try this config: You had white space in between some quotes which you shouldn't really get into doing. If you copy & paste sometimes white space likes to sneak into the end and mess up your config files. You should make sure you double-check all image names and get rid of any spaces at the end or beginning.
  4. No idea yet if it's a skin or a mock up. Waiting for the OP to repost.
  5. How come this guy isnt getting any feedback? Takes a long time to prepare and do an update.
  6. This thread is painful. You have to put something into games like this before you can hope to get anything back. It's not a 'pick-up-and-play' type of game so if you're looking for one of those search google for 'Angry Birds'.
  7. Ken Bates waited until Forbsie released his update just to be a dick!
  8. What about shot power? How is that determined by the game?
  9. It's obviously going to be a mental stat, I think the closest one to this is creativity. Possibly a combination of creativity and anticipation?
  10. Vale have a capacity of almost 24,000 in League Two. Darlington are another one, 25,000 in the Conference.
  11. Create the following files .. "player attributes panel.xml", "player attributes panel small.xml", "player attributes panel overview.xml" put them in your skin/panels folder and leave them blank. That should remove attributes on the player profile.
  12. Appreciate the reply but the stars aren't in that folder for any skin i've checked. I've extracting the native skins with the resource archiver and I still cant find them.
  13. Was thinking about doing something like that last night but couldn't find where the stars go? Any ideas?
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