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  1. Perhaps related to this, I also have players complaining they are unhappy with the high volume of strength training, while not a single player has this as his extra focus and I have a physical training session maybe once every other week. EDIT: I also have roughly 1 overall training session per week, which also includes strength among many attributes. So let's say on average per week I have 1.5 training session that includes the strength attribute.
  2. I'm playing with Sheffield Wednesday. I have a bunch of players being unhappy because they want more quickness training. When I set that as an extra focus item for them, they will be unhappy because they feel they've been doing too much quickness training. And this is after like 3 days. I don't leave quickness on for them for a very long time. So first they're unhappy because they want more quickness training, and then they're unhappy because they don't want to do quickness training.
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