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  1. dovEs

    Phone Contracts

    Sebsy - https://www.quidco.com/telecoms/mobiles/
  2. dovEs

    Phone Contracts

    For someone so hell bent on saving cash I'm surprised you aren't buying through Quidco.
  3. dovEs

    This hurts my eyes

    Still no hyperlink at the bottom of a page. Rubbish.
  4. Is the consensus that he definitely won't stay if we go down? Has this been stated anywhere in black and white?
  5. What date has this generally fell on in previous years? Cheers.
  6. How much do we reckon tickets will be for the Northampton game?
  7. dovEs

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    It's much, much better than here. I like here but people like Gizzys missus are excruciating. Though we do have The Rubber Ducky.
  8. dovEs

    The Singles Thread - Getting people laid since 2008.

    Haha why don't people just go to OTF2 and look?
  9. dovEs

    Is OTF2 Down?

    Er, it's better than here. This is good though.
  10. dovEs

    Is OTF2 Down?

    Is for me yeah.
  11. If I buy a player who is part owned by an agent for Ajax will I have to buy the agent's share in order to register him like in the Premier League or can I just purchase the clubs share of him?
  12. dovEs

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    It'll still just be in your Steam account surely?
  13. dovEs

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    What does the NAND drive do? Won't be able to get that laptop without paying it all upfront though I presume.
  14. dovEs

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    http://www.littlewoods.com/hp-envy-15-j142na-intelreg-coretrade-i7-processor-8gb-ram-1tb-hard-drive-laptop-silver/1406194239.prd is this decent value for money assuming I can get 10% off making it 710 quid? Processor seems fine, just not sure on the graphics card.
  15. dovEs

    Changing Cars

    Mines a Tamura so I dunno if that's actually a mark 2 or just a face-lift on the mark 1?