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  1. Is the consensus that he definitely won't stay if we go down? Has this been stated anywhere in black and white?
  2. What date has this generally fell on in previous years? Cheers.
  3. If I buy a player who is part owned by an agent for Ajax will I have to buy the agent's share in order to register him like in the Premier League or can I just purchase the clubs share of him?
  4. What does the NAND drive do? Won't be able to get that laptop without paying it all upfront though I presume.
  5. http://www.littlewoods.com/hp-envy-15-j142na-intelreg-coretrade-i7-processor-8gb-ram-1tb-hard-drive-laptop-silver/1406194239.prd is this decent value for money assuming I can get 10% off making it 710 quid? Processor seems fine, just not sure on the graphics card.
  6. Buy a desktop. If not try and get at least an i5 with dedicated graphics.
  7. Yeah I play a 3-4-2amc-1 formation. Retrained Shaw, Clyne, Cork and Davis as M/R/L depending where they were competent and play them as defensive wingers and I have a Target Man support up front with 2 Shadow Strikers behind him. Works OK, finished 7th first season, lying 3rd after 26 games second season. 10 points behind 2nd with 3 games in hand.
  8. You aren't taking strength of the weaker foot into consideration therefore, I'm out.
  9. I'm on a tablet and can't reveal spoilers so someone PM me the -10s please
  10. Can't remember if I got a special news item, there was a question on it in the press conference though. He's been as good as I expected him to be, got 16 in 14 as we walked the league with 102 points.
  11. I got 20m ish too. Got Shane Long back for 1m immediately after West Brom paid a million quid transfer clause.
  12. 1.4 gig d/l, seems small. Might play classic till they release a dark skin.
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