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  1. day off work booked !!

    No I won't, while I enjoy FM, I think planning a whole day around it is a bit much, that and I'll have a new baby as well.
  2. Crewe has been pretty good at turning out good players on a regular basis. I know that has been one of the reasons they have kept afloat was due to the money they have made nurturing young talent. Are they all world beaters, no but they are solid players. It can be done in real life, it seems to not really happen in the game.
  3. How will you be buying FM 2010?

    Since I'm in the US I will probally be going the Steam route but it'll be after the release date. With a kid on the way I don't want to buy the game and never play it so I'll see if I have the time to fit it in.
  4. To Steam or not to Steam.

    I have gone the Steam route on more then one occasion and never had a problem with it at all. If we get FM 10 instead of WWSM 10 here in the US I will not hesitate to go the Steam route. To each thier own I guess but for me Steam has been great for the most part. I did have a slight issue with Customer Service but once that was solved its been wonderful.
  5. Hearts or Hibs?

    Hibs, I had a 22 year save with them in FM 07 and it was fun.
  6. Not always, he could have played it and had some fun but mostly frustrating. I think its more he isnt getting his entertainment value, and I understand this. I do not like this version of FM at all but if you have played for over 200 hours then you got value for money just not entertainment for money.
  7. I'm still up in the air, not thrilled the price went up for no reason that anyone could see and the fact that no one has told us whether it will be FM or WWSM that we can download off Steam here in the States.
  8. I feel the OP on this one, I have played for around 70 hours and I just can't get into this years version. I enjoyed it when I played 06-08 but this years just doesnt do it for me. Not every video game can be great every year and I am hoping that FM 10 will bring back my joy.
  9. FM2010 demo - how bad?

    I won't base my decsion on the demo, I enjoy the FM 09 demo and do not like FM 09 at all this year. I will probally wait and see the reaction and how big the inital bug problem is. After FM 09 I am a bit wary to just go out and FM 10.
  10. Not always, I cancelled my pre-order from WWSM last year from Steam and it was a hastle and a half to do it.
  11. FM2010 announcement

    Will FM be available in the US and will the game be released at the same time in the States as in Europe? Yes, No, not sure yet...anything would be nice so I would stop asking.
  12. So can anyone, anyone at all w/in SI confirm that we will be getting FM instead of WWSM and whether it will be coming out the same day as in Europe...anyone at all care to help thier customers in North AMerican...anyone.
  13. FM07, 08 or 09?

    07 hands down
  14. Release in the US

    Nothing from SI yet, your overwhelming support of the NA gamers is appreciated.