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  1. FM 07 I was with Hibs until 2036 then FM 08 came out...Spartak Moscow till 2027 then my computer crashed while saving and I lost the game.
  2. The problem with the payments is the teams dont get them all at once in one huge chunk. Derby didnt get a portion of the 60M last season until after August. How they would impement that Im not sure.
  3. Media interaction needs an upgrade. I would like to see the manager talk to the board, or the players w/out having to go through the media all the time. Surely its not that hard to code into the game. Match day interaction, I get 5 diferent options and 4 of them are the the same, come on a little more originality then that surely.
  4. RE: Media interaction. I should think there should be something more than just one news blurb if say you hit 500 games with one club. Somthing like the media asking you how youve done it, can you see yourself there for another 500 matches, some type of awknowledgement from the board.I think that when you hit 500 matches you should get more then just one news blurb.
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