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  1. Thank you. If it helps, the main problem started in the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd season, after I choose not to accept the participation of the u19b team in the competition (nothing happened besides me becoming the manager).
  2. I don't think so. Only remember to download the logos packs. Is there a way I can check it?
  3. Hi there, I manage a team (Académica from Portugal) that has a u23 squad, a u19 squad and also a u19b squad. There are some bugs with the u19b team. In particular the fact that when I choose the coach that manage the training in the main squad of Académica the u19b squad will mirror the coach with that responsability. Although a bug it doesn't annoy me much. The reason why I am writing is because I can't choose nothing about the staff that manage the u19b team and that is annoying because I appear as the one that manages the team in the friendlies games of the u19b team. You can image that is very annoying to have to go through all the u19b team friendly games. Btw, I would like to get rid of this u19b team ingame, but I don't know how or if that is possible. Best regards, Vítor
  4. I am playing a multiplayer game with a friend and yesterday at night, after updating the Beta version, we had our first game against each other. After all going well the game was stuck at minute 28. The indication was that it was paused, but neither of us could resume it. After much effort we give up and decide to load back the game. We went again to the game and now all went well until the second half, when the game got stuck again with the indication it was paused and neither of us had any chance to resume it.
  5. When trying to come back to an online of my friend server, it doesn't appear. We tried to creat a new game in my computer as server, saved the game and reload it but also my friend can't join because the game doesn't appear on online games.
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