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  1. The fact that I have recently spent more time on these forums trying to find help for my tactics and reading opinions from other users than actually playing the game says it all really. There has been a noticeable shift in recent years but once in a while I find myself indulging but since the ME update it's sapped any enjoyment I was getting. I'm going to give it another crack in the vain hope I find some semblance of joy from this years version.
  2. Not sure what has happened with the new ME but it's absolutely destroyed any enjoyment I was getting from FM. An absolute abomination.
  3. Currently 10 games in and playing Pogba in a CMA role. Not blow-you-out-of-the-water brilliant but he's my best player. He's not the heartbeat of the side which is what I wanted. I'm having real problems with my left IF, it's Martial or Rashford and I'm not getting anything out of them at all. Anybody care to help?
  4. For the last few iterations of FM I've experienced a few scenarios in the ME too many times. I find that when a wide player crosses the ball, occasionally, the ball goes to the near post and the keeper makes a save, which is then classed as a 'great save' in the text commentary. Not an issue if it happens infrequently but this can happen once a game. Also when the ball is overhit and nearly goes in at the back post and the keeper saves it it is too frequent. I've noticed that this year that these same issues are still there. Granted I appreciate that the 2D ME in not always an accurate represe
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