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  1. Strangest Managerial appointment

    Gary Megson becoming england u20's manager
  2. I've just started another game and I get a crash dump every time it goes to set up the database. I've set up two games before hand however it will not let me set up a third game. I've tried reducing the leagues and its windowed what else can I do to set up a new game???
  3. Don't know how to do that
  4. Can anyone help me please?
  5. I have played fm since it came out and I am using the recent patch. This morning the message "Failed to set up graphic system" came up. I installed DXSDK_Nov08 and a least the game now switches on but I havent got the option to watch a game in 3D. Please help me - I have not had these problems before this weekend
  6. Does anyone else think this a good or bad idea
  7. I recently signed this ukranian player and he fits into my team perfectly. However, I can't pronounce his name, can anyone help me??? His name is: Dmytro Chygrynskyi
  8. .xml parsing error.

    It dosen't work for me, and I can't find anywhere to uninstall everything. What files do I need to delete Steam as when I try to delete it on C drive it says the folder is already open - when I haven't got anyother folder open
  9. I installed my game through Steam and I want to know how to unistall it when all I get when I try to open steam is 'Failed to load overlay localization file'.
  10. I like, as a national manager, to have an impact on a player changing clubs. For example, if xxx if linked with a move to xxx, the national manager could either recommend the move to the player or not
  11. I usually play as an International manager, and go into club management later on in the game. However, I would like to see the national manager be able to interact with players a lot more. Like on my game, an U21 player, that I thought of calling up, got sent off for the U21's. So I thought the national manager could tell him to control his temperment if he would like to get into the full squad. What are your thoughts?
  12. worst for me; chelsea calling their new stadium Zola Park!!! However, facegen is fantastic!!!