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  1. Yes. You just have to load the editor, then load the database file dan created into the editor and you can change whatever you want. When I was looking through it, I edited some information about Balham so there is club history for my eventual playthrough and to test it out a bit.
  2. @phnompenhandy Right as I was reading that I realized you are totally right. I figured it would add players to the senior squad but it probably added players to senior squad who were over the youth limit then all the players young enough into the youth squad. Thank you for that. I don't know why I didn't think about it,
  3. I have a question for anyone really, I was testing the DB just to see the teams (I am not starting yet to wait for county cups and FA Vase) and I started a game with Balham (Combined Counties League) and I had the "Add players to playable teams" tick selected and turned off the "Do not add key staff" selection. When I loaded the game Balham only had 7 players in their senior squad, including 2 keepers. so there was 5 outfield players and 2 keepers. Is this an expected result or did something go wrong? I tried it 2 or 3 times and each time there was very few players generated and added. Ne
  4. @SickelZ You could launch them simultaneously by changing one of the editor's exe names from editor.exe to something else. The only issue is that when you change one, the editor cannot be launched from Steam. I believe that Dan has been doing this because he had mentioned this before to someone who asked.
  5. @Dan BHTFC <3 Massively excited. When it comes out, should we comment here about any possible issues we find or will there be a different thread?
  6. Is there a link to download or is it still in progress? Looks lovely though! I am excited to eventually get in there.
  7. @keyzerFAQ Nice! I understand that it's a bit chaotic but I will look out for it. I am very excited if it can be figured out. River was home in the first leg and the second leg was Boca at home. It was 2-1 Boca won the first leg then in the second leg it was 2-1 and I put on Ignacio Fernandez in the 85th minute and he scored a belter of a free kick in the 90+ minute to win it all. I was actually out of my chair yelling.
  8. @Mikke Lucky for us, it has been done. https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm19-leagues.html?id=5274 Down to level 5
  9. On that note, has anyone heard about a plan for an Argentine database? My friends and I want to do a challenge save where we race up from the 5th division (Torneo Federal C or Primera D Metropolitana) I was thinking about trying to do it but as I have never done anything as extensive as this and with the structure being a bit complex, I wanted to see if someone is working on it because I would love to either completely mooch off their work or help build on it in some way. Much love.
  10. Believe it or not, in my beta save, I played against Boca (as River) in the first season in the Copa Libertadores final. Sadly I have never used the in/game editor so I don't know about how to edit results.
  11. @toffee71 yeah I dont remember ever offering a contract to a greyed out player and not thinking "wow this isn't the worst player that has ever been generated on FM"
  12. @anitamui Patience, Dan said earlier he MIGHT have something out this weekend but we gotta just be patient.
  13. My apologies. I was answering the second half, extended from 15 to 16, not thinking about adding a whole other league. To answer your direct question "is it easy to set up your league to promote to the above division" yes. You should just need to set the above league to be a parent competition of yours, then set the relegation places from the parent and the promotion places in your league, verify the rules and it should check out. but more specifically, if the league does not exist and you are going to make it from scratch, you would have to create all the teams, and the league structu
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