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  1. I agree with both you guys, given how good Sancho is right now, I would say a pace increase to 15 would be fair. Even though CA would increase quite a bit, it would be deserved considering that Sancho has already become better than Pulisic due to his superior vision, decision-making, and end product (in real life at least).
  2. I personally feel that Weigl's stats are a bit inaccurate, mainly his passing is too low and his mental attributes too high. Passing: 14->16 (Despite torrid season, passing is still as good as ever) Stamina: 17->15 (lack of physique hinders his stamina and sometimes looks lethargic) Concentration: 16->15 (exposed last season) Decisions: 18->17 Acceleration: 10->9 Pace: 12->14 (clocked in at 34.63 km/h last season, top 20 fastest in Bundesliga) As a small note, Hakimi also deserves a small crossing upgrade from 10->12. In 5 starts, Hakimi has amassed 5 assists, with 3 of them from good crosses.
  3. He scored 11 in 16/17 while playing as winger so I’d argue he definite deserves 16, and using your argument, Piatek would have 14 finishing as well but he doesn’t, he has 16.
  4. I also noticed that Alassane Plea's finishing is too low (14). He scored 16 goals in 35 apps in Ligue 1 last season which is very good, especially considering how much OGC Nice struggled. This season for BMG he has scored 5 goals in 7 apps with a min/goal ration of 91. Quite a few of his goals are very good goals too and do well to exhibit his excellent shooting technique. He is also statistically as clinical as Lewandowki, and higher than Suarez, so I would say bumping his finishing to 16 would be an accurate representation of his scoring ability right now.
  5. Angelino needs an upgrade. He scored 3 goals and got 6 assists (11 big chances created) last season while playing as fullback for a newly promoted team in the Eredivisie. This season he already has 3 assists (5 big chances created) and has the 10th highest average rating in the Eredivisie and the 2nd highest for a defender. His acceleration should be bumped from 14 to 15, technique from 11 to 13, and crossing from 14 to 15. Denzel Dumfries should also have his nationality changed to Dutch, as that was his latest callup.
  6. -Moussa Diaby's finishing is too low (8) -should be increased to 11 -he has played 7 games so far for PSG, with 2 goals and 3 assists, with a scoring rate of a goal every 140 min. It's obviously a small sample size, but 8 is just too low.
  7. I think Pablo Maffeo’s pace (13) is too low. He is most definitely faster than that when you watch him and I remember his top speed being tracked at 31-32km/h last season in La Liga. I think 15 should be his pace, given that Bernardo Silva has 14 pace.
  8. Yeah, I guess Fabian could be given 16/17 passing with 14 vision and probably slightly higher dribbling.
  9. I'm asking for 17 not 18, so no, I do not think he is up there with Pjanic, but his passing is very close. 17 is totally deserved for Fabian and his passing accuracy last season was only 1% lower than Pjanic's. Everyone following Spanish football knows about his passing quality and I can totally see Fabian reaching and perhaps surpassing Pjanic in the future, given how Fabian is only 22.
  10. @SoloTitano -Fabian Ruiz's passing is way too low (14) -It should be increased to 17 -Last season at Real Betis he had a pass accuracy of 89% as their main playmaker, and also a long ball accuracy of above 80%. He would not have been brought in to replace Jorginho if he was an average passer.
  11. @AlienIR, here's another player. -Ole Selnæs' passing is too low (15) -His passing should be 17 -He has completed 46 out of 58 long balls (80.7%) and has 3 assists in Ligue 1, all while playing as a deep playmaker. For comparison, his long ball accuracy is almost identical to that of Adrien Rabiot, who has 17 passing. Amalfitano also has 17 passing, but with significantly worse accuracy in real life.
  12. -Wu Lei's finishing is too low (13). -Finishing should be 16. - He has scored 23 goals in 24 apps while playing ST/LW/RW, with only 8 big chances missed according to Sofascore. For comparision, Bakambu plays ST for another top team and has 16 goals in 20 games, with 17 big chances missed. His teammate, Elkeson (ST) has 7 goals in 12 matches, and has 17 finishing.
  13. True. I also find that Fabian Delph's first touch is too low. He isn't a very popular footballer, but he was incredibly important for City last season. I watch City consistently and I find that he has one of the best first touches in the team, significantly better than Fernandinho's. He can consistently stop powerful passes with very little rebounding and is very good at directly his first touch away from the opponent. First touch should be around 15.
  14. I agree that Azpilicueta last season was not defensively as solid as before, but his passing (10) is too low. Last PL season he had a pass accuracy of 85%, 6 assists, and 15 big chances created according to Sofascore. And all while playing at CB. Passing should be bumped to 13/14 while vision warrants a slight upgrade as well.
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