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  1. Hey, Hi Russell Thank You for your help/advice mate. I've had a go at what you've suggested & it work's !! :-D You've solved that puzzle for me pal. Thanks again young man & take care
  2. Hi all I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, but has anybody else had issues with creating a new training schedule & it saving for the current save game you're playing, but not for any other new career game's you want to play in the future ? I can save all the different tactics that I create, but not for my training schedules. It's not a big problem, as I've written down what I create & then just add which one's I prefer for that game, but it is a bit time consuming & I just wondered if anybody else has the same issue. Thank You
  3. Hi all Could anybody give me any thought's on how to train your player's to counter attack ? I see that there's a 'pressing transition' option which may help your team to close down & break quickly, but is there anything else that might help ?? Thanks for reading & for any advice
  4. Hi. I just wanted you all to know that there are quite a few positional error's in regards to set piece position's. I have always really enjoyed setting up my set piece's & I haven't really seen any error's with the player placement in other year's games, but in this year's game (FM19), there seems to be quite a few. On the throw in's, I like to do long throw's & always put by big striker at the 'lurk at the near post' position & my biggest central defender to 'attack the near post', but in the match engine it doesn't seem to work that way. I see my big CD back on the half way line & my winger at the attacking near post place. This happens a lot from corner's too in regards to my central defenders staying back. I know it isnt a big thing in terms of what's important in life & I'm not really moaning, but it does perhaps put a little stain on what is in general a wonderful game. All the very best to all
  5. I love the new training mode, but I wish we could save our plan's so we could use them for other team's.
  6. I seem to be seeing penalties in 7 or 8 game's out of 10 that I play & mostly against me.
  7. Hi Zlatan & Thanks for your reply mate I've been trying to select the recovery choice on a Sunday, Monday & Wednesday morning & a Friday afternoon extra session, but it just won't let me. I could on the beta release & I think it did help with injuries. It's only a little thing Zlatan. I think I'll just select the 'Rest' option. Thanks again
  8. I've just noticed that I can't select the 'recovery' option on the training schedule. It might seem a little thing, but I use it often as giving time to recover is really important, especially when you've only a smiall squad. Has anybody else noticed this possible error ? Thanks
  9. Ahhh, I see. Thanks a lot for your replies guy's
  10. I might be being a little picky, but I'm a bit disappointed that there isn't a 'Sweeper' position in this year's game. There is a Libero choice, but I much prefer the sweeper, as I think a player playing behind the defence, should stay there at all times.
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