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  1. hmm, what the difference between classic and new one ?
  2. Mr Hough, can you say what attributtes needed for a AMC position in your new tactic ? Thanks!
  3. well, i think that i was the most problem of this winger tactic when i take charge of the club, i change 95% staff, all youth players were kicked & 80% of B team, 2-3 players from first team and 5-6 players was unhappy with my moves. Now i restarted the game and my team perfoms much better. )
  4. Winger tactic is very unstable for me, can loose to everyone, even weaker teams. FC Bayern: lost in cup vs Mgladbach and very lucky win against kopengahen! at League champions 3-2. All of them away By the way.. what the pitch size ?
  5. there is no mid-season re-ranking, there is full adapt to tactic! when i change it to 4-1-3-2, as Fuss says, im winning but when in my profile tactic changes to 4-1-3-2 i begin to lose all!!! matches, now im changing me tactic every matche cause they adapt very soon ! thats game is real stupiD!
  6. next game i lose dortumnd 1:0 away match this is not mid-season slump it is all season slump and i can't find the way out!!!
  7. LOL! Great Tactic i've played in Semi-final with Barcelona at home! and scout tell me to make a deeper def line, and i make it... and what ? ... 0:6 Barcelone wins! in league im in 2nd position after 30 games and i cannot do anything! WHAT THE F@CK ?
  8. Hi, can anyone help me, i've started a new game with FC Bayern Munchen and have some problems to win! im using a fuss v4 tactic, 18 games left 9 wins 6 draws and 3 loss, 30 goals and 18 conceded, i turned counter attack off but no effect!!! then i've tried to change passing Target men Head to "mixed" no effect too the last my game i've draw with braunschewig in german cup!!! how to increase my tactic perfomance ? (what i need to change pre game or in the game before kick off) thanks!!!
  9. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by FuSS: I've defated the mid-season slump I started slumping the same as any of you mid-season, but I altered the tactic in certain places (made it a 4-3-1-2) and now I'm winning again nicely. I intend to switch back to normal V4 as soon as my manger stats say my preferred formation is 4-1-3-2 as this will help confuse the enemy by going back to a 4-4-2 again. Here's what I did: -Moved the RMC into the DMC position. -Moved t
  10. 1st season is nothing, test it at 2nd and 3rd season i've downloaded about 15 tactics and they look like pretty good in first season, but in another season they sucks!
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