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  1. Skin colour Playing as Woking - Kane Ferdinhand on the 3D game looks to have the darkest skin tone possible however as you'll see below, he is far from that.
  2. Loan Rules for the National League and National League North/South seem to be incorrect... 6.6.2 Short Term Loan Transfers – A Club can have up to a maximum of twelve (12) Short Term Loans during a Playing Season. The minimum period of a Short Term Loan transfer must be twenty-eight (28) days with a maximum period to the end of the Playing Season. Below is the National League...no mention at all of Short Term loans Below is the North/South and the short term loan limit is 8 when the rules (above) clearly state 12.
  3. Playing as Woking. Kane Ferdinand in game play has a very dark skin tone. As you can see from his profile, he is much lighter.
  4. I've defiantly seen 15 year olds on there before...
  5. Harvey Elliot isn't on the game. Played for Fulham's first team in the league cup
  6. Two signings from this season missing from the Woking squad. Craig Ross and Ben Gerring. Also at least 6 players in that squad are on non contracts Ticket price is £15
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