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  1. #6 / Champions League Showdown! In today's episode, we finalise our Champions League Group Stages at the Olympico vs. Atletico. The winner tops the group and should have the pick of the draw in the knockout stages, however we only need a draw to top the group.
  2. #5 / The Old Lady: We are a few months into the season now and we remain unbeaten. We are just about keeping touch with an imperious Juventus side at the top of the league table. Today we go to Turin to face the Old Lady in what will no doubt be a difficult match. I'm happy with the format of this one, hop you enjoy. 👍
  3. #4 / Milan and Atleti!: We take a look back at our recent fixtures and general goings on at the club, however the main focus today is a trip to the San Siro to face an average Milan side, followed by a visit to Spain to face one of Europe's finest in Atletico Madrid. We also make the switch to 2D classic!
  4. #3 / Let The Games Begin!: We kick off our Serie A campaign away at Sampdoria. A team that are more than capable and should finish in the top half, we must make sure we are at our best.
  5. #2 / Pre-Season: Welcome to the pre-season of my BETA save with Roma. We go through the friendlies, test out various tactical setups and hope our entire first team squad doesn't get injured in the process!
  6. #1/ Introduction: Hope you guys enjoyed this little introduction to my save with Roma on the FM19 Beta. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do at the club over the next few seasons.
  7. Hello guys, i thought I would share my YT series with Roma on here. I have put a fair amount of effort into animations for line-up introductions as well as highlight screens. I really hope you guys enjoy it, any feedback at this stage would be brilliant!
  8. https://twitter.com/Timmsoski - Sharing my Football Manager videos I upload YouTube as well as general interaction with the FM community!