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  1. Yes I know. So the PA's within the range that are below the CA would be eliminated? I don't know whether the CA could change if the random PA generated is lower than the CA.
  2. Question on potential ranges. Let me create a quick scenario, a player has: CA: 150 PA: -85 (140-170) Is it possible said player could get a PA under 150? Or is his range in reality 150-170? If so, this would be awesome for editing players PA's that are slightly more developed and slightly older. For example, if a player has: Age: 25 CA: 160 PA: -85 That would mean he could have a PA of 160-170, rather than a fixed value in this region.
  3. #1 / Introducing... Click here to watch! Let me introduce you to Svante Nordberg. A successful ski-racer who regularly featured on the FIS World Cup, Svante's body gave up on him as he reached his thirties. His injuries were severe enough to force Svante to retire, however this allowed him the opportunity to focus on his other passion in life, football. Svante joined his local club, Helsingborgs IF, working with and learning from the backroom staff at the club. He quickly made an impression on the board, who could see he possessed exceptional footballing acumen, particularly
  4. #11 / Champions League Final! Massive thanks to all that came to the premiere yesterday, was great to chat to some of you! Unbelievably, we have reached the Champions League final with Roma. Only adding to the narrative we will play our domestic rivals Juventus in the final at the Wanda Metropolitano! Juventus absolutely dominated the Serie A season, we finished 2nd but almost 20 points off the Turin-based club. We come into the match as big underdogs, can we bring the Champions League to Rome for the first time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWLzpuorwE8
  5. Less than one hour to go! ⏰ The all-Italian final of the Champions League is coming right at you, the premiere begins at 8pm. https://youtu.be/NWLzpuorwE8
  6. Hi all,Just letting you all know that the final episode of the Roma series, will be premiered at 20:00 GMT tomorrow (3rd December) on my YouTube channel! Somehow, we play the final of the Champions League vs domestic rivals Juventus, it's set to be a cracker! Would love to see some of you there! It will be on my channel which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEMrit6r6eX7xtJJcLXlWZw
  7. #10 / A Schick Show! Following a nervy 4-3 win vs. Liverpool on aggregate, we somehow find ourselves in the Semi-Finals of the Champions League. It only gets tougher though as we face Manchester City for a place in the final!
  8. #9 / Liverpool at the Olimpico! Another huge game today as we face Liverpool in the 2nd leg of the Champions League quarter finals. After Robertson's late equaliser and my tactical blunder in the last episode, a goalless, drab affair would take us through. Should be easy enough, right?
  9. #8 / Two Massive Games! As the season enters it's latter stages, we are faced with two massive games in today's episode. First we play Juve in the league, where we look for revenge after they wiped the floor with us earlier in the season. Following that, we play the first leg of our Champions League quarter final tie!
  10. #7 / Coppa Italia Semi! A lot of time has passed since the last episode, as we push on through the season. We have reached the Coppa Italia Semi-Finals and will play Inter. After winning the first leg 1-0, we are in a strong position in the tie. Can we reach the final?
  11. #6 / Champions League Showdown! In today's episode, we finalise our Champions League Group Stages at the Olympico vs. Atletico. The winner tops the group and should have the pick of the draw in the knockout stages, however we only need a draw to top the group.
  12. #5 / The Old Lady: We are a few months into the season now and we remain unbeaten. We are just about keeping touch with an imperious Juventus side at the top of the league table. Today we go to Turin to face the Old Lady in what will no doubt be a difficult match. I'm happy with the format of this one, hop you enjoy. 👍
  13. #4 / Milan and Atleti!: We take a look back at our recent fixtures and general goings on at the club, however the main focus today is a trip to the San Siro to face an average Milan side, followed by a visit to Spain to face one of Europe's finest in Atletico Madrid. We also make the switch to 2D classic!
  14. #3 / Let The Games Begin!: We kick off our Serie A campaign away at Sampdoria. A team that are more than capable and should finish in the top half, we must make sure we are at our best.
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