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  1. Will the registration issue be fixed for full release?
  2. I only ever manage Rosenborg and english teams, I have never seen this happen in England but happened during all of my seasons in Norway both this year and in 2020 version. Makes it pointless for me to loan players there and the AI spends massive wages for players they dont use so the league gets even easier than it should be.
  3. All norwegian AI clubs who bring in loan players fail to register them, this was also an issue in fm2020
  4. Rosenborg Pål Andre Helland Contract expires 31.12.2020 -> should be 31.12.2022 Add youth players: - Thomas Tharaldsen https://www.rbk.no/lag/rbk-2/spillere/thomas-tharalsen - Adrian Bråten https://www.rbk.no/lag/rbk-2/spillere/adrian-braten - Dennis Bakke Gaustad https://www.rbk.no/lag/rbk-2/spillere/dennis-bakke-gaustad The game shows RBK having 0 sponsors Even if we loan a lot of players to Ranheim im pretty sure there is no official affiliate link there anymore I also seriously doubt Per Ciljan Skjelbred and Markus Henriksen are earning that much
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