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  1. Yep, trying to build a possession based tactic so I don't want to lose possession from set plays. Corners set to take short, clearly an option standing near the corner completely unmarked and yet the corner taker mostly (9/10 times maybe) puts the ball into the box. If a player isn't listening to a basic set piece instruction how do I know how closely he's paying attention to any other instructions?
  2. Nevermind, these options aren't available to centre backs anyway.
  3. Does anyone know which way the more/fewer risky passes PI would tip the balance on this? Would fewer risky passes encourage the CBs to retain pOssession more and hence play shorter passes out, or would playing out short from the back be considered the 'more risky' passing option?
  4. Not an expert here, but I'd have thought you might want to consider more fluid mentalities too. My reasoning for this is that if an opportunity to start a counter arises for your CM(d) for example, you want him to be able to look forward and start that counter, rather than being limited by a rigid mentality to being solely defensive. Could be wrong, but that might have to feature in your thoughts when it comes to getting the right balance.
  5. Yeah, it doesn't really work. I want the full back to take up the same positions as a complete wing back does to stretch the play, but without pumping in 20 odd crosses per match. Looks like I can't have one without the other
  6. Thanks RT. I've tried all of the attack duty possibilities at the full back position and all have 'cross less often' greyed out. I hadn't considered using the 'cross from byline' instruction to get the support duties to play higher up the pitch so I'll try that and watch a couple of matches to see if that gets the play I'm after. Cheers.
  7. Hi, Does anyone know a way to get full or wing backs to get all the way forward and cross less? Whether I choose full, wing or complete wing back on attack roles (to get them pushed fully forward), the 'cross less often' option is greyed out. I've tried the wing back with support duty where 'get further forward' is already applied and I can choose 'cross less often', but the player just doesn't get beyond the play in the same way. Cheers
  8. Thanks - I'd read this page, just not the 9 preceding ones. Apologies for being lazy
  9. Do all keepers love to parry long shots out straight to opposition strikers for a tap in or is it just Szczesny?
  10. I think the transition phase will be key. You need to retain possession long enough to give the wing backs and libero a chance to take up their midfield positions. You'd have to play with retain possession and much lower tempo to achieve this I'd imagine. Otherwise you'd have to look to work the ball forward quickly and have your pseudo midfield players in place for the 2nd phase. Really interesting either way!
  11. Can we get a PI, or even maybe a PPM that's along the lines of 'looks for cutback'? Seems absurd that to get a player to cut the ball back from the byline you have to tell them to cross less often and shoot less often and then leave it to hope that by removing some of their options they choose to cut the ball back towards players rushing into the box.
  12. Yeah. If you offer him less and don't pay off the agent, he resigns for Atletico and the £10m clause disappears.
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