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  1. I've followed your hint about stopping a program per try and it worked! It's strangely having issues with MSI Afterburner, even if months ago it was working without problems and it works on the laptop...! Thanks for your advices! 👍🏻
  2. Windows Defender, I've put Steam and the entire FMs folders into the exceptions list
  3. In this case it's not a problem of saves, instead the game isn't starting at all. There are not so many differences, of course certain apps are not installed on the desktop and vice versa. The strange thing is that it suddenly stopped working, without reasons... About the crash dump what should I do, send it somewhere else or wait until a SI staff comes and reads this thread?
  4. Hello FrazT, I've followed the steps but nothing changes... could you see something useful in the crash dump? There is a number of DLL named in the file but I don't know what's happening...! The strange thing is that on my laptop, quite less powerful than my Desktop pc, everything works
  5. Hi everyone! Yeah I know, FM15 is quite old (I've purchased FM19 but FM15 is probably the only one working on my actual laptop). I get this crash dump on my PC, on my laptop everything goes fine. I've attached the files, the second file is a txt with the important part (I think) of the crash dump file. I hope someone knows what to do, I've tried many things such as cleaning the pc from the GPU drivers and reinstall them, cleaning the game's cache, adding it to the exceptions etc. FM 2015 v15.3.2.627042 (2018.10.11 19.15.39).dmp New Text Document.txt
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