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  1. Now this bar got stuck. Dragged Salah to the pitch. Cant get rid of it, clicked everywhere.
  2. This is pretty much impossible to look at. You cant have dark green on grey background. The other themes is even worse.
  3. Im curious, did this work? I have the same problem and before i do this i want to know if this is a solution. Im on remote desktop currently so its a but tricky.
  4. Just updated the drivers the nvidia drivers. Same problem. Could you please tell me which driver to use? This is getting rediculous.
  5. I do use a custom db subscribed from Steam. I had several and unscribed from all but the last one. The problem still occures. I can see in another thread that they installed old nvidia drivers. I think the problem started when i downloaded Geforce experience and the my graphics drivers updated. Currently updating my nvidia drivers so lets see how this turns out. Otherwise i will have to install a old driver. Must be lots having this problem if its problems from nvidia updates.
  6. No dumpfile is created. Cant reproduce the crash. Its random. No antivirus. Only windows defender.
  7. The game is unplayable for me last 2 weeks. Crashes all the time. I have: - Uninstalled facepack which for some reason started working for a few weeks ago. Uninstalled by Unsubscribe och remove folder - Lowered graphics altho i got 5 stars. - Reinstalled the game from scratch Please help asap. DxDiag.txt
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