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  1. Let's just say that my 2026-27 debut season with Bayern on a long Journeyman career save was a pleasant one: got Klopp fired from Leverkeusen b/c he dared to finish 2nd behind me after winning the league 3 times in a row (no CL glory though), then got Mourinho FINALLY sacked from Man Utd after still being in charge (and basically unassailable on the World Hall of Fame board unless I play another decade+ at top clubs and win everything) by knocking him out of CL in 1st Knockout Round and watching him lose in FA Cup plus finishing 2nd by 1 point to Liverpool on a last day shocker. I would thi
  2. Maybe no one wanted to watch a Shaktar final? I got 35M pounds for a Bayern v Monaco CL final just recently. Even that still seems low seeing as the announced amount Real Madrid made from this previous CL v Liverpool was 88M pounds, and my match took place in 2027. I bet its a hard coded rep thing, which would be a shame, as I would love to watch such an underdog final.
  3. Also, trying to think in a realistic sense, would he be an easy first choice starter for Copenhagen? If so, he might value first team ball more if he'd be starting all season. Also, loyalty to his club could factor in. I mean, outside of the sensible reasons its coded in, I can think of plenty of reasons you wouldn't immediately want to switch clubs after signing a new contract. Hell, the perception of not being a team player could also be a reason. I do notice its a left back you were searching for, so I presume the game still doesn't regen a lot of great left backs (which I see as neit
  4. Eh its not exactly BAD advice if you expect them to just try and lump the ball past you and hit you on a counter. It IS very boring advice however; very low risk as another poster said. If they play counter ball and you play counter ball as MU you'll win, but get ready for boring 1-0 and 2-0 football, and watch as someone like City murders you for your insolence. From personal experience in previous FMs I've noticed that if I want to avoid the odd upset against lower teams (usually in someplace like the Bundesliga) I just drop my line deep and play possession based counter ball. It gets th
  5. Actually, in game, yes. I had one that said they essentially were waving the agent fee and giving me a good deal b/c I'd signed several of his other players and generally not played hardball with him.
  6. Yeah struggling as lower league teams doesn't mean you're bad, it just means that its VERY HARD to do fantastically well down there. Especially for the Air guy, the double promotion is amazing, don't feel bad at the relegation, hopefully you got enough extra income from being in Scottish Premier League to either go right back up or be a top end Scottish Champ team for many years while you get your infrastructure ready for the true leap to the big league. Now if you took over Celtic and got relegated........then you might just be bad.
  7. The lower rep your team is, the more it will generally cost you to bring an "above your reach" player on board. If its a real stretch you may have to add on a bunch of promises as well. Conversely, I've found that if my team is higher rep than them they will happily take less money/playing time. While its obviously not a foolproof relationship as there are many other factors, if you assume all else is equal the less rep you, your club, and your league have in relation to the player you covet than the more money, guaranteed promises, and perks said player will require before considering to j
  8. Just my 2 cents: it seems from my playing experience that Year 2 is the real benchmark year for whether a striker is worth it for whatever system you are running. Whether its 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2, 4-3-3, whatever I've fancied, strikers always seem to get out of the gate a bit slower than the rest of the team. Even then, its not entirely worthless as really good strikers might not show up for a few games but if they are a big match kind of guy, suddenly bags a brace against worthy opposition. Sometimes they make up for a lack of goals by assisting a goal or starting a run that leads to a goal. I
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