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  1. When searching players: the ability to filter out any player that is already on your shortlist.
  2. If I ever manage to get a team in to the CWC it often means I have a squad that is big enough for me to play the kids / reserves as the other participants are .... well ..... pants
  3. Fastest ever Hat-trick.

    That's one way to put a match to bed. But what did the guy do for the other 87 minutes?
  4. It always seems like more direct free kicks should be scored in game, but having regularly attended real life matches for a long time I know the disappointment of a fluffed free kick is something that is felt way more than the joy of seeing one hit the back of the net.
  5. The ability to filter out scout reports following the scouting of a specific player from one's inbox. I enjoy receiving the regular reports from my scout on the region / competition in which they are operating but if I work through the search list of players, potentially arranging for scout reports on say 100+ players, I would like to not have my inbox clogged with the feedback of the scouts. I can simply look on my shortlist to see which of the player suitable / not suitable.
  6. Just hope this doesn't lose my career save
  7. Having done this I went to start FM again and it has started to re-install the game. Is this what is meant to happen?
  8. I am embarrassed to even ask this, but where do I find the "users" part of the path mentioned above?
  9. Much like when Walcott arrived at Arsenal. He hadn't done much in his career, but the fans loved him because he had a few good stats and a lot of potential (yet to be fulfilled)
  10. So, what is the difference between each of the tutoring options? Does anyone out there know because I have always wondered, but have never been able to find out.
  11. FM2011 - same old, same old

    Surely the counter argument to this would be that the player has already purchased the game with their 'hard earned cash' and they have bought a product that is flawed. They would not find this out until after they had paid their money. How many games shops would allow a refund because you think there are bugs in the game? When you make any purchase in life, you expect the subject of that purchase to work ‘perfectly’. With computer games, it seems to be universally accepted that there will be bugs, flaws, imperfections etc. Why is that acceptable?
  12. Strange retirement

    I reckon he is retiring because he is a lazy little bugger. He has been in russia for over 3700 days and hasnt even bothered to learn the language on a basic level. Lazy, Lazy, Lazy!
  13. Dropped the ball. Any way out?

    Alternatively, if you do not register the full 25 players, but leave out as many overall players as you are short of HG players, you will be able to proceed. For example, you only have 3 HG players, therefore you only register 24 overall. Or you only have 2 HG players, so you only register 23 .... and so on
  14. Prolific Strike Pairings

    Jermaine Beckford and Marcus Tudgay in the CCC. Marcus didnt score many himself, but he set up Beckford enough times to take his average to over a goal a game.
  15. Beckford in the Prem

    I took over a struggling Leeds team about 5 years in to the game. They weren't playing Beckford at all, but a spanish guy called Kepa instead. I put Beckford in the team and he scored a bucket load of goals. We got promoted to the Premiership when Beckford was 32 and he score 27 in his first season and that won him the golden boot. My backroom staff keep telling me his stats are dropping, but the guy has the midas touch. He got himself a new 2 year deal and poor old Kepa is on the scrap heap!