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  1. I did? And there's still no pop-up, simplified tactics creator.
  2. That just creates a new tactic option. Doesn't actually bring up the tactics creator. The tactics screen is AWFUL btw, just a clunky mess. Why change it from last year?
  3. This is so ugly Where on earth is the tactics creator? And where's the player search button?
  4. Nothing, they just don't like the fact he stirs up a bit of controversy. The mods banned me for a questionable posting style before; with a message "you've got 7 days to change or we'll ban you" or something of that ilk. The mods here are trash.
  5. In this thread he has done absolutely nothing wrong ffs
  6. I got banned for something along the lines of anti-social behaviour. Apparently I made users "heave" and loads of people had lost respect for me. Was devastating.
  7. peter-evo

    Match 7 England V Italy 23:00 BST KO BBC1

    There were times when he was in the left back area first half. Course Rooney is our best player, he can produce no matter how poor he's playing. He wasn't good yesterday, yet he still played a perfect cross for Sturridge's goal, England's best pass of the game imo. He just needs to be able to play up top and not worry about tracking back too much. I imagine he might get that freedom more in the next two games.
  8. peter-evo

    Match 7 England V Italy 23:00 BST KO BBC1

    Rooney is still England's best player. Play him as part of a 4-3-3 and give him license to float around and push on - he was restricted by his defensive responsibilities. Play two alongside Gerrard (one more of a runner) and take away a little of the wide player's defensive responsibilities.
  9. Goal-line technology
  10. Clarke Carlisle Absolutely shocking.
  11. peter-evo

    dafuge's FM13 challenge

    Hello guys, count me in! The Wingate & Finchley board have announced the appointment of Peter Everett as their new manager. Media prediction of 22nd, wish me all luck
  12. I was being a punk and I'd copied and pasted it wrong. All up and running now! Cheers for the response though Brocky
  13. I'm not sure where to post this, so just made a thread yeah I'm being told my key is invalid help
  14. peter-evo

    9 of 10 US dollar notes show cocaine trace.

    hahahahaha. that's proper genius from Roesider.