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  1. Bah, like it matters. Let's get this discussion onto something relevant though.
  2. There isn't a website made specifically for each game. The forums don't move and nor does the football manager site.
  3. Could have swore that there was when I last looked. Cheers anyway Dafuge.
  4. While I understand there is a two season rule, what can be done so that the full impact of being an unemployed manager can hit the updates. Starting unemployed loses all of it's impact if you can only update after two seasons. I want to involve the readers in my journey for a job aswell and my beginnings as being unknown to the club. What can I do?
  5. I uninstalled it but reinstalled just from sheer temptation. Looking forward to getting myself started. Just need to decide how to set-up my game.
  6. Good evening everyone. Couldn't find this place. Haven't got FM09 installed at the minute so can not contribute in that sense, but look forward to having a nose around everyone else's careers. Well done for setting this up!
  7. ALIEN! Strange that his shadow has only one head though.
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