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  1. Thats very ambitious of you. Cant wait to read more!
  2. Hello. Experienced Defender is very right with his limit TIs advice and also think about the fact that when you have so many of them its virtually impossible for you to analyse the effects of every single one of them. And now Im gonna contradict myself a little bit. With the defensive setup you have I d also add offside trap (and change Ramos to ordinary cd d). The reason for that is that if you already have high line and tighter marking your defenders are in general closer to attackers so its easier for them to just take a step up and catch forwards offside. You can alsi simokify your defensive setuo by leaving just higher line, offside trap and more urgent pressing. In general most of the times when I play high d line I also use offside trap. The only exception I could think of is when your defenders have better movement than mentals and also you have a fast gk that can play as a sweeper keeper (support or attack). Good luck with your season!
  3. Out of curiosity, do you have players that suit well to this approach? Im thinking high work rate for everybody and good acc pace and mentals for central defenders.
  4. Hey. I d ignore both of them. Actually I switched off pre match tactical advice all together. Ass man often offers you some idiotic advice for example to switch formation even though you re doing great or gives his typical advice of increase/ decrease the amoubt of certain duties depending on your mentality which makes no sense at all. I d say its as useful as we re being overrun in the midfield or we re winning most headers we should put more crosses (even though the headers you win are in your own box by your cds). Backroom team I d ignore too because usually you can find better coaches by yourself. The only plus is that it kinda updates you where you have vacancies and sometimes speeds up the process of hiring coaches for yout team. Also Ive never played fmt but I guess there s no way to change staff responsibilities there but I recommend getting rid of DoF as soon as you can. They are rarely useful, the players they sign for youth team are usually horrible (and they actually reduce your board confidence because the fans are not happy from them!) and the yout contracts they extend often contain minimum fee clause which in cases of most talented youth I d much rather avoid. Cheers and wish you good health!
  5. Hey. The changes I d make to the first tactic is change fullbacks roles from automatic to at least putting one of them to support because right now with cautious mentality effectively you have 5 players on defend duty and your defense is isolated. Also, I d change shorter passing to mixed, I believe that with lower defensive line and fast players up front playing shorter passes limits your counter attacking options. With the second tactic Id also consider dropping two cms to dm positions as it was suggested before. I d never play 4231 with lower defensive line, too much space between defense and midfield.
  6. Thanks! How come that BWM has close down much more removed though? That seems strange.
  7. Hey guys. I have a situation where my too striker got upset at me not fulfilling a promise (challenge for title, I was second in play almost till the end). Now he lost trust in manager. The situation lasts for a year already during which I managed to win the title. From your experience is there any chance of him getting over it at some point?
  8. I always check team report -> comparison page to see what are the strengths of my team. Then if I see that I have good dribblers I give them run at defence, fast players with good off the ball - pass into space, slow defenders - lower defensive line, fast defenders - high defensive line, high work rate players overall - I try to make a tactic of high intensity etc.
  9. Hey guys. Do you think that tactical style will decide something on its own or is it just a trmplate for what options are available later?
  10. I`ve decided to share my recent experiences on that field, maybe someone will find it usefull. My last season I managed Gelsenkirchen. I usually use a very aggrrssive attacking 4231 deep (with two dms), slightly higher line, closing down much more, prevent short gk distribution and get stuck in. My team has a very high work rate so basically I want a very high intensity tactic. Anyways last season i had huge problems with holding a lead, giving it up multiple times including two times being 2:0 ahead at home and once being 4:0 away (in 55th minute against Stuttgart). The more times it was happening the more rapid my reaction was so I ended up usually dropping the mentality and reducing the level of closing down. Didn't work. This season I've decided not to overreact and I do one of two things. Against weaker teams I drop the mentality from attacking to control and switch retain posession on. Also I make sure my gk has instruction to distribute to center backs (when opponent has one striker and two ams on the wings) or fullbacks (when the opponent has two strikers). Against strong teams I change the formation to 433 with one dm that plays similar to my standard formation (also closing down much more etc) but it has control mentality and lower defensive line. Works really well so far.
  11. Hello, I know its a bit riddiculous to give someone advice with my first post but one thing I ve experienced is that wingers on support (especially without work ball into box TI) cross a lot and often from deep. In your tactic on the receiving end of those crosses you have a complete forward on support who oftentimes wont be in line with defence. Those crosses are easy to defend thrn. I d suggest either changing winger support to attack (so that he d be crossing from byline where cfs will be much better positioned to finish them) or swapping afa and cfs (afa will be further forward with better chance to finish deep crosses). Good luck!
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