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  1. Could you elaborate on why the use of tighter marking in that style and setup is so unsuited? I understand it looks odd for tiki taka but is there something more to it, like formation is not really suitable? I'm sorry if this question is stupid but I personally really like tighter marking instruction because its relatively easy to improve your defenders in marking and positioning in comparison to for example tackling. I usually don't consider it in context of whole system though, just if my defenders can pull it off I tend to switch it on.
  2. @Experienced Defender could I ask you why using distribute to CBs and FBs with play our of defence is an overkill? I often see this argument brought up. I understand that when you play out of defence Your gk distributes to CBs most of the time anyways so I assume ticking on distribute to CBs and FBs is useless but does (and if yes in which way) it makes the tactic worse?
  3. What would be the typical roles changes that you make to bypass heavy press? I donno maybe this question is too generic because it depends on formation, instructions and the players but are there some general rules for that or roles that help? I usually make my formation narrower when I have problems with keeping the ball but thats not a lot.
  4. All the Ibero-Americans can get 2nd Spanish citizenship after 2 years. The sole reason for it is usually what you just mentioned, registration rules. This way you can plan your conveyor belt of upcoming South American regens! KUTGW!
  5. Some advice regarding your tactic: - you play with high defensive line and with offside trap, the defenders in your tactic (Bates and van Drongelen) are fairly mobile but have bad mental stats, especially Bates. For me playing such couple with offside trap is too risky so I d drop it. - you use get stuck in but your defensive midfielder has low aggression and average at best tackling ability. On the other hand your left back, right back and bbm have good stats for this instructions so I d use this instruction selectively. Id start the games without it and use it mostly when the oppon
  6. Yes exactly how I imagined that! I assume it was after corner and Ive noticed that recently in my team to. My FBs stay back and after the keeper catches the ball my CDs run back and occupy usual FBs spaces for a moment and when they decide its safe than they swap. In general its nice that you re doing really well so now you re in comfortable position where you can just make small changes and observe their effect its so much easier this way than when you have to overhaul your whole tactic! Regarding playing with higher dline, its true it might be too hard for your cds, it req
  7. As @Old Scouser Tommy said green dots dont matter. As far as I know the only thing that has any influence on match engine is position familiarity so if someone is natural as MC he wont get any kind of match engine punishment for playing in a role that he s not familiar with so only think that matter is stats. Also the difference between natural and accomplished is impossible to notice. As for the tactic, Im not the biggest fan of not having any defender at least on support and it seems to me that because of that in your tactic there s a huge dependence on your dlpd to link play. Changing
  8. With two wingbacks you could try a hb and before him for example dlps and bbm. From my own experience dlp really helps with controlling posession.
  9. Just noticed that he has Germany as his first nationality so mystery solved!
  10. Did Mihic get injuried that he is not called up to the national team???
  11. Wow thats a LOT of money for a goalkeeper! Anyway I feel your pain of losing a beloved regen to a release clause.
  12. So apparently Yusuf Yazici s transfer from Trabzonspor to Lille contains a clause of 20 mln EUR penalty that Lille would have to pay if they ever sell Yazici to other Turkish club. I thought it d be realistic now to include such option in FM.
  13. Very cool that you took up the challenge that was sort of forced on you. Three issues regarding your tactic: - carillero role is hard coded for tactics without anyone in am r/l or m r/l so in your tactic he wont work properly. I assume he d behave more or less like ordinary cms. - as @AFCBeer mentioned your left flank might have too much if a gap, if so I d recommend changing fbd to wbd. Wbd is actually quite conservative and if your player is fast enough than his positioning a little high up the pitch wont hurt. - Im not sure about the roles for strikers because actually right
  14. It d be great to add a small feature that would allow you to tell your assistant coach to start certain youth team player in the first squad on certain position. I have a situation in one of my saves where one of the most talented youth team players gets very little playing time because I assume his CA is lower than some other less perspective players and his current preferred positions don't fit the tactic. It d be nice to have a simple feature allowing you to tell your assistant to play that guy. It d help him develop faster and also get familiar with new position quicker without the ne
  15. Thats amazing. What would you say is the key to your success? Is it the ability to find amazing young players and develop them or maybe tactics and ability to react or maybe what kind of players you fit? Or maybe sth else? Or maybe with so many seasons AI cant keep up anymore with squad building?
  16. @mikcheck Im not sure if its possible but you should try and let us know if it is and if yes than how it worked.
  17. As @Exius mentioned in FM19 this effect is shown on the screen for longer than one match so are you 100 percent sure that is still accurate that it helps for one match only? (Im aware it was this way in previous versions).
  18. From my own experience half back is a very demanding physically role. Donno if your dm will be up to the task. All in all there s not a lot you can do except for search for players which contracts will expire in 6 months and try to sign them for free and then supplement the squad with loans. This ll be interesting and very hard so good luck!
  19. Wow doing really well congrats. I think its a fantastic club to manage long term!
  20. @roykela wow nice, interesting career! What happened in Varisim though? And why did you move there? There were no better offers after winning Danish league 4 times or just your choice?
  21. Oh man with tactic this full of TIs its virtually impossible to analyze single effects of one of them. Its a mess. As @pheelf said changing the way you pass is very fundamental. One thing I could advice you to try with posession based tactic when defrnding the lead is to make the formation one step narrower and drop the mentality one step. This alone should make your players play safer and narrower formation will make it easier for them to keep the posession.
  22. Im glad I could help at least a little! I like this setup much more however as @Experienced Defender mentioned the defense seems aggressive. You have a lot of ground to cover with mich higher LOE for urgent oressing and on too of that coubter pressing. Thats a lot to ask of your players. You could try to mix it up during the game though, for example defend this way for 15 mins and then drop to standard LOE and stardard pressing. Cheers and good luck and keep us updated how its going
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