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  1. I will get it, however the whole thing needs stripping back. Too much dead-wood content such as interviews that are meaningless and repetitive
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    I have been playing Championship Manager since it launched. I have had most of the FM updates too. This is just a little thread with my suggestions for improving the game experience: -Use the Fifa style of contract negotiations where you can see the player and their agent. -Don't be so black and white with buying and loaning...players will move clubs and do so for less money at times. -Bring some fun into it as it is NOT real! E.g. players being caught out drinking and the tabloid side of it all! -Be able to have a better 2 player experience on one computer. E.g. One plays as the Assistant Manger and one as the manager. -Make scouting and attending trials worthwhile! - VAR should be introduced - Ability to go and watch other games from the stands on scouting (but make it worthwhile) - Much more communication between the chairman and the manager - A reason to not go on holiday...quick jump between games! -LIVE connection between the game engine and real life events. This is not as tricky as it sounds. A basic example would be players moving clubs in real time to reflect what is happening in real life (internet connection). More in depth would involve players form being linked to actual real events! -Players to be a flop! Yes, thats right! Big name signings that do nothing. E.g. Shevchenko to Chelsea, Torres and Grabbi at Blackburn. On the other hand, average players having a run of form and doing well (their stats going up and down significantly to reflect real life). -As with last point...Morale and confidence to mean something. Poor morale and confidence should dramatically effect composure, teamwork, concentration etc....stats should be fluid and always changing. Player impresses in training and manager fights his corner then he should get better stats!
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