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  1. I have found a solution. Pressed Alt Spacebar, then Maximise to get game on full screen, then changed from Windowed back to Full Screen in preferences. Quit game, then it loaded on the full screen like it used to. Hope it lasts and this info is of use. There is seems to be a problem getting the game to start full screen in windowed mode since the last update. Regards Mike
  2. I hope I have been clear. The game is running and not technically crashing. It just does not appear on the main screen, only on the task bar. Also I can only quit it using Task Manager. Regards Mike
  3. No I can still only load the game in the task bar. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling FM18 , disablesd anti-virus, updated and configured NVIDIA as suggested, but nothing has worked.
  4. Since the most recent update FM18 will not load to my full screen. By this I mean the game loads in my taskbar (Windows 10) and you can see the Load Game screen when I hold the mouse over it, but it cannot be displayed on the full screen as it used to automatically. I have preferences set to "windowed" display, but that was never a problem up until now. Online/offline makes no difference.
  5. I have signed sammy Amoebi on a free transfer and made the promise he would play in his preffered position of AML in the role of winger. This is confirmed when you hold the cursor over the promise. He has played 25 games in that exact position and role, yet is unhappy.... "He feels time is running out to start getting games in his favoured position". Is this a bug? I just don't get it, am I missing something?
  6. The driver I have is 340.52. What is annoying is the graphics look fantastic when they work , but I am constantly reloading default preferences so the 3D box is ticked and not greyed out.
  7. GeForce Experience indicates no updates are available so I assume I have the latest driver
  8. I have a NVidia GeForce 9600GT. My newly installed FM16 keeps refusing to run the 3D match engine and defaulting to the 2D. I did get the first friendly of the season to play in 3D and it looked fine, but then the message came up again that my graphics card was not good enough and it would game would default to 2D. I'm sure the graphics card is good enough. Is this because I am running XP?
  9. In the 2009 editor it was a simple task to swap teams between divisions using the "swap" button. However in the new editor, there is no swap button, so I did the following. I searched for the Blue Square Premier in "competitions, went to "teams" then deleted 3 teams (Gateshead, Tamworth, and Salisbury) then replaced them by adding three teams from non-playable lower leagues (Sutton, Tooting and Kingstonian). I made no other changes. I named the config file "new teams" and saved it as instructed in the editor data folder. I checked it and it was there. When I tried to create the new game and loaded the new file, England is not available to play and has the dreaded yellow triangle with an exclamation mark next to it. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone tell me how to swap teams in an existing division successfully? or ...is there old style database editor available for 2010? pifkel is offline Report Post Reply With Quote
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