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  1. There are no foreign limits at all in Portugal, although in the Allianz Cup (league cup equivalent), you need to field 2 Portuguese under 21 players. There are a few sugar daddy clubs in Portugal that start in the 3rd (soon to be 4th) division. I’m currently Lusitania Lourosa, 9 seasons in and have just won the league for the first time. Amazing save, although funding was scaled down after 4 seasons but you can build up your facilities to the max by then.
  2. Lol yeah, some countries just surprise you with who is classed as foreign!
  3. It’s defo worth a go, although there’s been rumours of a takeover from the start, nothing has come of it though 😬🤞
  4. At the start yeah but when they leave the eu, they become foreign. The rules in Spain are ok as most of Africa and Serbia (amazing country for regens) aren’t classed as foreign but yeah, all South American ones are, unless the player has dual nationality. Tbf, it only takes a player just over 2 years to get Spanish citizenship, so all isn’t bad.
  5. I can’t remember the amount at the start (don’t think it’s too much) but season 2 and 3, I got roughly 25 mil - 30 mil. The boards club culture is to spend the original transfer budget lol, which I’ve never seen before! I asked for extra wage budget, after being denied a new transfer budget and they upped the wage budget to about 700k excess lol, which gave me about 50 mil midway through season 2.
  6. Can’t actually remember tbh but it was reflective of the investment, roughly between 20 and 30 mil. Due to release clauses in Spain, you can get some bargains. The only 3 players in my team from season 1, that are owned anyway, that can make the step up are Alex Centelles (very good left back), Lucas Robertone (solid cam, who was amazing in season 1) and Umar Saqid (decent striker, who banged in 16 goals and 22 goals in season 1 and 2 respectively).
  7. Yeah, won the league by 4 points, which the board demanded lol! It’s worth a go imo, the fact they’ve not won any honours adds to appeal for me. Finished 5th in season 2 after bottling it for top 4. The team isn’t that good for la liga, only 3 of the owned players from season 1 easily made the jump but the board back you in the transfer market.
  8. Yeah, the owner pumped roughly 40 mil into the finances in season 1 and then season 2, he secured 2 sponsors worth roughly 30 mil. The club has poor infrastructure, so the money goes quite fast lol but with about 40 mil a season from playing in la liga, you don’t have to worry about the finances, although the club have very little in sellable assets but I would highly recommend going them.
  9. Agree with the Almeria suggestion. I’m in season 2 with them the now and really enjoying it. The owner defo puts money in, although it’s mostly sponsors he’s getting now, instead of his own money lol! They’ve never won a single honour as well, which makes it even more of an ideal save.
  10. Congrats, did you find season 1 had really low points totals? I was top for most of the season, won 3 out of 4 in the champ group but bottled it and finished 2nd behind FCK 😭 they won the league with only 60 points, which seem very low for me but irl, the points seem low as well tbf.
  11. FC Nordsjaelland - Pretty much perfect for youth development. The Danish league is very competitive and you also get an added bonus of getting prize money every 11 games (twice during regular season and again at the end of championship group). FK Bodo/Glimt - Surprised everyone by winning the 2020 Norwegian league and have a great squad by their standards. Also a lot of talent within the league that you can sign.
  12. Surprised there isn’t more interest in this league. I’m currently doing a FC Nordsjaelland save and really enjoying it. The fact you get prize money every 11 games is so handy!
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