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  1. [Public Beta] Wingback problems going on: Shooting,Crossing, instructions There is a problems, still going on (liitle improved on public beta, but still bad): I play 352 system so this problems too much occur in this system: -Wingbacks too much shooting: I used less shoot command, also used enter to box with passing and did try all attacking width types, but noone changed this unrealistic situation. Wingbacks can shoot 3-4 times in a game, sometimes more then my forwards -Wingbacks crossing: I used croos to near post command or cross to center, but my wingback crossing to other wingback. They dont listen instructions well - Dont care strikers or middifielders: In real life, which wingback cross or pass to other wingback ? There is my 2 forward and 1 mezzala in box, but wingback dont care. This unrealistic situations still occur. Yes, they dont scoring too much now but keep going too much shooting, wasting positions. I uploaded two new pkm from public beta, hope this time i will get answer from mods. Napoli - Inter.pkm Lazio - Inter.pkm
  2. UPDATE: Started to use new beta patch 20.2.4, still same problems going on: -In 352 system, wingbacks can shooting like 3-4 times instead of passing or crossing ( not bad like old but sometimes still goes on, despite shoot less instruction) - Despite cross to near post instruction, wingback crossing to other wingback ( not much like old update but still sometimes they dont listen instructions) I uploaded video, pkm and screenshots before, so i wont upload new things from beta patch, you can understand what i mean with checking old uploaded things.
  3. And finally here is my pkmInter - Genoa.pkm In this pkm, game from my second simulation versus Genoa, my other video share and screenshoot was from first simulation. I noticed starting times of Inter-Genoa match: 32:25 - ? and 52:36 - ?, can be more positions like these. I use instructions "shoot less" and "cross near post" on wingbacks, but does not work. Thx in advance, i hope you will answer my post and we will get good match engine soon, because I cant play this game with this engine, i cant take fun, so i stoped to playing untill new uptade, please quick update Also can check Atalanta-Inter went to penalties. Atalanta - Inter.pkm Atalanta - Interwithanothertactic.pkm
  4. Same situation on me, using standard defensive line with balanced mentality, also one stoper with "co" role. But no one change between higher defensive line and standard or lower.
  5. As you see video, goal coming from my left wingback Alex Telles, and this picture shows the shooting number for same game just on half time. telles_shootunrealistic.bmp
  6. bandicam 2020-01-09 20-11-05-754.mp4 Here is my example video, this one is most normal situation i got more absurd shooting positions from wingbacks, wide or narrow they always roam same position and against "less shoot command" they shoot so much. All player traits and other commands suitable to less shoting but they dont work. Also they dont obey to cross to center or near end.
  7. I use 352 tactics and my wingbacks dont obey tactic and instructions, also i used many different 352 tactic and used many combinations to reduce these errors, but didnt affected. These problems are: 1.) To much shooting: My main problem is my wingbacks shooting so much, even more than my strikers. They dont care strikers and midfielders, they shoot or crossing to another wingback, in other words wing back make assist to another wingback or shooting directly so much. 2.) Dont listen instructions: I use less shoot command but they shooting 3-4 per game, also using cross to near post or middle but sometimes or usually they crossing to another wingback Generaly my report mostly about unrealistic number of shooting and scoring of wingbacks (Asamoah-Lazaro). I tried to take pkm but i couldnt, my system dont save pkm to my folder, so i will upload screenshots to understand my problem better. In screenshots, as i said my wingbacks shooting so much. Also in my 2-0 won game, 2 goals came from my two wingbacks, strikers cant score 1 vs 1 but wingbacks score and more shoot from little aways with bad angle. tt.bmp aafsa.bmp
  8. Now, i got crashdumb issue, but i can use all skins now, just problem is crach dump. But, one minute before i tried to delete my tactics on sportsintractive folder, these tactics were nearly +200, so contain too much area, i thought this can create crash dumb error. And,,,, It worked forme, i dont know why it worked, but nevermind my problem is solved, exactly i dont know how solved.
  9. Yeah this method is good for some problems, but.... As i said i cant use original skins too, above method is useless forme. I "JUST" can use purple original skin, i cant use another light and dark skin created from orginally FM. But, i got new update suddenly about 900 mb, i will try to use origanl dark skin after this update.
  10. As i write in the title, i can not use another skins, i can just use originla fm purple skin, also i cant use original black and white (just i can use purple skin.). In other skins, i taking error and i cant play the gameThese are the errors if i change the skin: -Sitoolkit error : https://i.ibb.co/0tMNWDb/sitoolkiterror.png-Match-critical-error-log: https://i.ibb.co/v3r4j0q/hata2.pngPlease help me, i want to use other skins, i think purple is very bad, how can i solve this errors? Note: This problem occured after 19.3.5 patch.
  11. Hi mate, firstly thanks for tactic, it seems interesting, can you upload your another tactics? i mean v2 and final v2 because this tactic is not godlike tactic. Also i want to learn what you directs during Shots in game (check figure i mean), this tactic just making passes versus Arsenal and finished with only 5 shoot, should i be creative speaking shot? Another example i made 737 passes but match finished 2-2 versus Watford, where is the problem, i think attack power is very low. My game version is 18.3.4 Edit: Mate, im waiting a information or i will change tactic, because after 4 game in EPL and 1 game in UCL, i decided it because im going to draw all games , besides making 635 passes but losing 4-1 versus Real Madrid, there is logical sequence. IF there is any updated tactic please give link, or what can i do ?
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