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  1. @LucasYeah that seems the only wait to do it but that means the rest of my laptop will be running at a crappier resolution
  2. @Spurs08 Sorry it's not exactly at 4K but pretty close; my resolution is 3240x2160 at 3:2 ratio
  3. I tried to do it from there and even that didn't change it at all.
  4. I have a 4K laptop and want to play FM18 on it but for some reason I don't have any options to change the screen resolution. Pushing the game in 4K is making it super laggy and my laptop gets all glitchy. I tried changing it from Geforce Experience but that didn't do anything to it. Also tried window mode but that still ran it in 4K. I put some steam launch options to run it in 1080p but even that didnt work. Not sure what I can do at this point. Also to mention my laptop is running standard at 3:2 aspect ratio if that is an issue I'm not sure.
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