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  1. Cheers, all done. The file name's Max Friend - Slough.fm
  2. In the performance summary both on the home screen and in monthly emails, under a criticism of "They are beginning to question the number of goals conceded while using tactical_style#1 style". I am using and have only used the standard uncustomised Route One tactic, so I am unsure if this error occurs only for this tactic or is more widespread. See attached screenshots.
  3. Slagging off referee decisions in press conferences
  4. Do players for clubs based in colder countries have a higher frequency of illness and sickness? I have started a career with Rangers and I seem to have much more sickness bug related injuries compared to careers with clubs in England and Spain?
  5. It's happened a few times now, terrible terrible offside calls have been given against my side in goalscoring situations. Players 1m onside being called offside and the lines showing the last defender and attacker clearly proving this.
  6. Why is it that the team you pick changes when you serve a touchline ban? An assistant manager would never make changes to the team in this scenario. I have an important champions league game in the week and I changed my team to preserve certain first team players however the majority of them are now in the starting lineup.
  7. On the same note, Bebe joined United for 8 mil, big money at the time for someone who went on to make two appearances. He is also now plying his trade at Vallecano, so it looks like they may be one step ahead of you in creating a team of failed wonderkids.
  8. Chelsea got a transfer ban for illegality surrounding their signing of Gael Kakuta. Only made a handful of appearances for them and now plays for Rayo Vallecano.
  9. The unhappy player was David Raya. He had transferred to West Brom before I joint them in the third season of the save. To fulfill the promise I signed Blackburn centre back Darragh Lenihan.
  10. as stated above, the player signed was only a "former teammate" and not a "friend". so i am not sure whether this is an actual bug
  11. former teammate. what can i do if he has no friends on his favoured personnel?
  12. I have promised a player of mine to bring in a friend of his to help him settle in at the club. I looked on his favoured personnel and signed one of his former teammates listed on there but the promise has not been fulfilled. Any ideas?
  13. should there always be a graphics folder already?
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