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  1. I get what you mean but I've had players tell me the teams not of a stature to meet their objectives and other such messages. Also it is every single player running out of contract (even kids and players nowhere near my first team) who's automatically rejecting a contract which leads me to think it's some kind of bug
  2. Just taken over at a new club and about two thirds of the first team are out of contract at the end of the season. Not one of them is willing to enter contract negotiations, their reasoning being they would be on inferior terms to their current deal. This simply isn't true as I have more than enough room in the wage budget to double their wages. Team is performing well and defying expectations in the league, has been promoted last season. Is this a glitch?
  3. Would definitely be a nice addition to the game, would add to the realism of playing in Spanish/French lower leagues
  4. Does managing a feeder club such as Barcelona B or New York City give you a heightened chance of getting the first team job? Realistically it should, numerous examples in real life such as Guardiola from Barca B to Barca and Zidane from Castilla to Madrid.
  5. Is it possible to continue a current save after switching to the public beta version, or do you have to start anew??
  6. Is there an instruction or trait which I can add/train which would allow my forwards default option when 2 on 1 with the keeper to be to pass the ball across goal to the other striker? I am managing in the lower leagues and many times I have found my forwards will try to shoot and miss/saved, when there is a simple ball across goal which will result in an almost certain goal.
  7. While I understand the general gist of your comment, it would be nice if such feelings were actually conveyed by the player.
  8. In what universe would a player react badly to being praised in real life, irrespective of how often it occurs? Surely receiving praise frequently would just be welcomed as indicative of how they are performing in training/games?
  9. I have experienced other teams postponing their games against me due to having a significant amount of first team players on international break and was wondering whether I can postpone my teams games for the same reason? If so, how?
  10. https://www.pcgamebenchmark.com/football-manager-2020-system-requirements Follow the second link on here and enter the specs of a potential laptop to see.
  11. I know, I then try criticising their conduct but that just further diminishes their morale.
  12. I have noticed that when criticising players last games, they almost never accept the criticism. I am talking about performances as poor as 5.8 and players telling me I need to get my eyes tested when I criticise them for it.
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