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  1. Amazing and great work. From my understanding, using Much Higher Line of Engagement with Higher Defensive Line will nullify the compact shape to effectively close down quickly. Just my thoughts.
  2. I face the same issue. Using Newcastle and the max wage I can offer for a key player is 130k/week. I can hardly sign any big names even though I raised 70m by selling players
  3. Im running FMT 2019 on my iPad Air 2. Gameplay is buttery smooth. The iPad heats up during match processing but its fine given the smoothe experience during matches. I love it. Though, I'm finding the 9.7" screen a little too small for comfort. May upgrade to the 12.9" in the future specifically for this game!
  4. I love that you can't meddle with the Team Fluidity in FM19. A whole lot easier to set up your tactics. Great work FM team.
  5. Takeover went through in the last quarter of season 1. Was given a budget of 67m pounds at the start of the second season. Wasnt expecting to get this much and to be honest, I did not want it. Prefer to play with my current set of players with slight additions.
  6. is there an option to "ban all transfer activities for the first season"?
  7. Downloading it now!!! Will report back on how it runs on the dated iPad Air 2 9 (iOS 12)
  8. How about FMT PC vs FMT Tablet? Are there any differences besides the '3 nations limit'.
  9. Why is the new training feature not possible to be on FMT19 (iOS)?
  10. Will the new training and tactics revamp be available for FMT 2019? I'm intending to purchase the FMT 2019 for the iPad. What features will be excluded from FMT 2019?
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